Wonderful Health Benefits of SONTH or DRIED GINGER as HERB

Sonth or Dried Ginger is widely used in our kitchens. It adds flavor to our regular simple veggies. This aromatic herb can be used orally as well as for application purposes for various health benefits.

Dry Ginger

Though sonth has multiple uses in various health conditions, a few common and easy methods to use it are discussed below.

  1. Indigestion: This is used with salt to treat indigestion, flatulence, heaviness of the abdomen. It can relieve you from all these problems.
  2. Joint pain: Combine it with danamethi powder, amahaldi powder, gangri powder etc. and have it for relief from joint pains.
  3. Post delivery care: It is traditionally used in laddus. These laddus help in cleansing the system and imparting strength and stamina post pregnancy.
  4. Cough and cold: It is used with honey to treat cough and cold. Sonth for Heart
  5. Tea partner: It is commonly added in tea along with dalchini powder and jaiphal powder as chai masala. This adds a lingering flavor to the tea and moreover, keeps the gut healthy and warm during winters.
  6. Headache: Sonth powder can be prepared into paste and applied to the forehead in headache.

Gyan Herbal Home provides you sonth in ready-to-use powder form. So, now you can prepare your own combinations without any hassles. This wonderful herb keeps you healthy and fit by helping you get relief from various issues.