Right start to the day puts everything right. But we are not aware about the right things to do.

This post brings to you the appropriate routine to spend the day that has been very clearly specified in the Ayurvedic classics.

Daily Healthy Routine Tips

  • Waking up at Brahma mahurat (the estimated time is 4:30 a.m.)

Ayurvedic Routine

  • Freshening up to be followed by brushing of the teeth.
  • Oral hygiene: It is essential to brush teeth with datun (bitter toothbrush stick) and scrapping of toxins from the tongue.
  • Application of anjana (surma or kohl, for eye care), instilling few drops of oil in the nostrils (nose care) and gargling (oral care). This clears all the major orifices of the body and cleans all the channels.
  • Massaging the body to strengthen the muscles and protect the skin. Importantly, the soles, ear lobules and scalp should be massaged properly. Ayurvedic Massage
  • Exercising should be followed after this. This helps in toning the muscles. One shouldn’t exercise beyond his capacity. After exercising, mild pressure over the body is beneficial.
  • One should bathe once the sweating has stopped and the body temperature has come to normal. Use of Ubton (herbal paste to bathe) is suggested to bathe instead of soap. Ubton can be prepared depending on the skin type.Ayurvedic ubton

For dry skin: Milk or cream or curd based ubton can be used.

For oily skin: Besan based ubton can be prepared.

Make sure you do not use hot water over the head.

  • After bathing, one should take meals. Avoid having anything except water before bathing.

One should consume meals only when the previously consumed meal is digested and you feel hungry.

This routine is ideal to follow only by those who are not suffering with any medical condition. This routine brings a balance between physical, spiritual and mental well being. Try this dincharya (day spending routine) for a week and draw the benefits.