Danamethi (Fenugreek Seeds): The Divine Ayurvedic Herb

Danamethi or Fenugreek seeds have a special place amongst all the other spices of the kitchen. These mustard-colored seeds have been a secret ingredient for the richness in curries and kadhis in Indian delicacies. They are used regularly in the Indian houses for flavor and for health purpose.

Danamethi Fenugreek Seeds

Uses of Danamethi Herb in Various Health Problems:

This peculiarly aromatic drug is known to possess the property to strengthen the intestines. It also helps in keeping the bowel clean and imparts general body strength. Apart from these basic characteristics of danamethi, disease-specific uses are described below.

  1. Diabetes: Danamethi is widely used by almost all the diabetics. This helps in controlling the blood sugar level and the weakness in a diabetes patient. Danamethi powder can be mixed with jamun guthli powder, karela powder, neem patra powder, bilva patra powder and other anti-diabetic powders for better results.
  2. Joint pain: It can be used along with ajwain powder, sonth powder and amahaldi/haldi powder in a condition like this. If pain is associated with swelling, then application of danamethi powder mixed with water to the affected joint is beneficial. Dana methi for joint pain
  3. Post delivery: Traditionally, laddus are prepared from danamethi seeds and given to the females after the delivery. They promote strength and digestion in them.
  4. Hair wash: It is mixed with other hair growth promoting herbs like amvala powder, bhrangraj powder, jatamansi powder etc. for hair wash. Also, hair packs of danamethi prepared in water or curd are used for hair conditioning and to prevent hair fall.
  5. Weight management: It can e used with ajwain powder and/or kalijiri powder for effective management of weight.

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