Enjoy Stronger Digestion with Ginger

Winters bring along the desire to introduce the flavor of Ginger to our food. In some houses, Ginger becomes an important and inseparable ingredient of the kitchen in this season. Ginger is available in both wet and dry form.  Ginger sonth powder

Indian kitchens use both, the wet ginger (adrak) and dried ginger (sonth) in routine. Apart from its taste value, ginger has amazing therapeutic properties as well. It promotes appetite and enhances digestion, relieves pain, removes systemic toxins, relieves constipation etc.

Health Benefits of Ginger/ Sonth:

Out of various uses of ginger, a few have been mentioned below:

Digestion and Weight Loss

Ginger Weight loss

Ginger aids digestive fire which in turn sharpens the appetite. This in turn helps in clearing the accumulated toxins in the system by digesting them. As a result you enjoy stronger digestion along with weight loss in a healthier manner.

Its combination with black pepper (kalimirch) and long pepper (peepal) is termed as Trikatu which is very effective in indigestion, flatulence, stomachache etc.

Treats Ailments

Girl blowing her noseIt comes with warming and stimulating properties which are helpful in treating common health ailments. It works well in conditions like cholesterol, fevers etc. which are a resultant of toxin-accumulation.

Addition to Teas and Milk

Ginger Tea]Its lavish use in teas is very common because it’s wonderful aroma and flavor. Also, it makes tea easily digestible. If added to warm milk then it helps in clearing cough and cold and other respiratory conditions.

Effective in Joint Pains

Prepare and consume a decoction of ginger for treating varied joint pains.

Ingredient to Sweet Delicacies

Sonth is used in various Indian sweet delicacies like laddus and other traditional preparations because of its property to digest the heavy to digest sumptuous sweets.

Promotes Stamina

Combined with other herbal powders and drugs, sonth is very effective in promoting stamina.

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Stay Healthy with the Herbal Appetizer Trikatu

Trikatu is a classical combination proposed by Ayurveda scholars which can be used in various health conditions. It is a combination of three famous Indian spices viz.

  • Sonth (Shunthi /Dry Ginger)    Trikatu Sonth
  • Peepal (Pippali /Long Pepper) Trikatu peepal
  • Kalimirch (Maricha /Black Pepper) Trikatu Kalimirch

All three spices when taken together in equal quantity are named as Trikatu – A pungent trio. It is a very powerful combination and an amazing herbal appetizer. Here are a few uses quoted below.

Everyday Uses of Trikatu for Healthier Living

  • Respiratory ailments: It is used in cough and cold, running nose etc. It can be taken with honey or warm water to recover from seasonal cold. Girl in winter clothing sneezing
  • Weight management: It is known for its efficacy in obesity. It digests the toxins, enhances digestion and reduces fat. Blend it with Danamethi, Dalchini and other herbs to make a perfect combination.
  • Indigestion: It is taken with warm water for indigestion. This helps in kindling the digestive fire.
  • Flatulence: It clears the gaseous collection within the GIT thereby helping relieve the discomfort.

Due to its digestive property, this combination is mixed with other herbs in various conditions to potentiate results. You can add it to your curries and sabzis and enjoy a healthy digestive meal.

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Effective Herbal Remedies for Joint Pains

Joint pain is mostly associated with old age. But it is turning out to be very common even at early ages. It must never be neglected or it can adversely affect not only your health but also your lifestyle.

Joint Pain

Reasons for Joint Pains

  • It can be a resultant of improper food habits and regimen
  • It can also be age-related degeneration
  • Sometimes it can also be a complication/later effect of some medical condition.

Hence, I feel there is a need to correct the wrong dietetic patterns so that those suffering with it are benefitted and those who not yet developed this problem can prevent themselves from falling prey to it.

Kinds of Joint Pains

The pain and remedy varies from the joint involved. Commonly affected joints are:

  • Knee Joint
  • Lower back
  • Multiple Joints : joints of hands and legs (usually seen after fever)
  • Shoulder joint
  • Neck (cervical pain)

Herbal Remedies for Joint Pains

  1. Danamethi powder: This is a wonderful herb. This can be used by elderly people to treat the joint pains. It is very effective in diabetics too. You can prepare a combination of danamethi, along with amahaldi powder, gangri powder, ashwagandha powder, arjunchaal powder etc. for better results. Danamethi laddus work miraculously on knee joint pain and are preferably to be used in winters. This is effective on both knee and multiple joints. Danamethi in Joint Pains
  2. Sonth powder: This herb can be used with amahaldi powder, ajwain powder or ashwagandha powder to treat both types of joint pains.
  3. Gangri powder: This herb exclusively belongs to Rajasthan. It strengthens the bones and is even used in fractures.
  4. Ashwagandha powder: It can be used along with sonth powder and is very effective in treating degenerative knee joint pain and low back pain. Ashwagandha in Joint Pains
  5. Haldi and Amahaldi powder: They can be given in joint and bone pain along with warm milk or in combination with other herbs. They promote healing.

This is only a small list; there are many miraculous Ayurvedic herbs for joint pains.

These herbs help in healing the ruptured tissues and relieve pain. Along with these medicines, it is important to follow the appropriate diet and regimen to get the results.

Get to know the simple home remedies to fight pain and to know DOs and DON’Ts related to joint pains in my next article. In case you have any queries, feel free to mail me your health condition at vdshruti@gyanherbal.in.