Effective Ayurvedic Tips for Glowing Skin

Natural skin glow is every woman’s desire. Ayurveda offers simple yet effective methods to get a glowing lustrous facial skin.    Beauty

Simple Health Tips for Skin Glow (to ensure proper blood circulation to the skin)

  • Regular splash of water: Fill your mouth completely with water and splash water over the face with eyes open. Repeat splashing 2-3 times and spit out the water from the mouth. skin-glow-water-splash
  • Hold water in mouth for 5 minutes every morning and evening
  • In summers, use sufficient modes to keep the skin hydrated. skin-glow-water
  • Ensure regular and clear bowels.
  • Regular pranayama helps skin breathe properly. skin-glow-pranayama
  • Avoid excessive use of soaps as they harshly wash away the skin naturals.
  • Avoid hot water over the face.

Homemade Face-packs or scrubs

  • Powders of belgiri, jatamansi, mulathi, masoor dal, nagarmotha, amahaldi and haldi can be mixed with water or milk.
  • Use of paste prepared from besan, a teaspoon of honey and quantity sufficient water. skin-glow-besan-honey-pack
  • Use of sarso and kalonji seeds soaked in milk for 2-3 hours which is then prepared to a paste.
  • Chironji, khas khas and badam can be prepared into a paste in milk and used for a radiating skin.

These natural packs help in exfoliating the dead cells thereby helping in penetration of the herbal nutrients. Also, they maintain the moisture of the skin.

Get radiating glowing and lustrous skin with these simple and easy-to-follow natural tips.

How to Get Glowing Skin and Health with GULAB??

Gulab or Rose petals are one of the most pleasant herbs known to the mankind. It is soothing both to the mind and the body attributing to its soul-healing aroma and therapeutic effects. This beautiful pink-colored herb is different from other herbs for its fragrance and its medicinal properties have a cumulative cooling and calming effect on the system. This herb is a luxury in summers.


This herb has a great female fan following for its cosmetic value but it can also be used internally for its other remedial values.

Here are a few easy-to-use methods:

  1. Pimples, and sun-tan: The powder of dried petals can be used with rose water and applied as a thin face pack. Chandan powder can be added along with it to enhance its effect.
  2. Blemishes: Gulab powder can be mixed with majistha powder and prepared into a paste. This face pack is effective to treat blemishes.    rose for skin
  3. Hyperacidity: For those who suffer from severe acidity, this herb comes to the rescue when mixed with saunf powder, elaichi powder and mishri Intake of 1 teaspoon before food is beneficial.
  4. Constipation: Because of its cooling effect, it relieves constipation in people suffering from hyperacidity. It can be mixed with a laxative like isabgol for results.
  5. Skin glow: This pleasant herb can be taken orally too, for a glow from within.

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