Live Strong and Healthy with MUSALI

Musali is a famous aphrodisiac herb of the Indian medicinal system. It conquers weakness, low stamina, degeneration, emaciation etc. This herb is high on nutritional value. The root of the herb endorses these properties.  Safed Musali-chlorophytum-borivilianum

Musali has majorly two popular varieties viz., Musali (shweta), the white variety and Musali (kali), the black variety. Their different qualities are available in the Indian market. The properties of both the varieties of Musali are nearly same. Therefore, both of them are used for common purposes.

Effective Herbal Combinations for Musali

Weakness and emaciation:Musali strength


Musali (shweta) along with babul gond, mishri, mulathi, isabgol and dry fruits can be taken to eliminate weakness and also improves health. This is a strength booster.

Male libido: sb10062927r-001

Musali (shweta) with mishri if taken with warm milk, improves male libido.

Degenerative joint pain: Musali joint pain

Musali (shweta) can be taken with ghee and warm milk at night before going to bed. This strengthens the bone.


Powders of musali(shweta), musali (kali), talmakhana, gokhru (bada), kaunch beej, mishri, shatavari, ashwagandha and other such herbs can be mixed together and taken at morning and night time with warm milk.

Loose motions:

Musali (kali) powder is administered with buttermilk and rice and buttermilk is given as the diet.

At Gyan Herbal Home, we provide you the ready-to-use powder of musali. Also, looking into the seasonal benefit, we provide you Musali-Ashwagandha Laddus in the winters which cater the need for great stamina.

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Perfect Winter Delight: Musali-Ashwagandha Laddus

As winters are approaching, it is ideal to supplement the body with nutrients which when taken in winters, will be helpful round the year.

This special variety of MUSALI-ASHWAGANDHA LADDU is an exclusive herbal nutritional supplement by Gyan Herbal Home. This laddu is a perfect delicacy for winters and all sweet lovers.

Musali and Ashwagandha are the main herbs which are blended with the richness of almonds, coconut flakes, ghee, jaiphal, elaichi, dalchini, bura, giri etc. in a base of wheat flour.

Musali Ashwagandha laddu

These laddus are specially constituted suiting your palate with an appropriate balance between the taste and nutritional herbal values.


Benefits of Musali-Ashwagandha Laddu:

  • The richness of this laddu provides complete nourishment to the body.
  • It promotes general health.
  • It is effective in building stamina and strength along with the muscle bulk. Musali Stamina
  • It is very beneficial to males as it enhances the youthfulness and is an aphrodisiac.

Though Musali-Ashwagandha laddu are especially recommended for males but they can be consumed by people of all age groups-old, young, ladies and children.

Consumption Guidelines

Generally, one laddu morning and evening with lukewarm plain milk is ideal. It is advised that the breakfast of solely the laddu is sufficient and very effective and comprises the entire morning meal.

Though the quantity can vary depending upon individual’s digestion capacity.

Make sure you do not consume anything cold for at least 45mins after the consumption of these laddus.

So, enjoy the richness of Musali-Ashwagandha Laddu this winter season and stay fit and healthy. To place order for your pack of laddus, send your inquiries at and we will have it delivered.