Manage Cholesterol a Natural Way

Cholesterol is definitely good for our body. But inappropriate cholesterol levels are like a demonic invasion. It entraps us in various conditions which may require emergency attention especially for the heart.

Cholesterol Heart

Herbs can satisfactorily contribute in managing the cholesterol range. A few important and commonly used herbs to control cholesterol are discussed below.



It is a wonderful cardiac tonic. It can dissolve the cholesterol that accumulates in the coronary artery and thereby can reduce the possibility of heart attacks. You can prepare a tea from it and replace your regular tea with something healthy.



Haldi Turmeric for Heart

Studies have found a protective action of Haldi towards heart. It can help cut down on the build-up of plaque on the walls of the arteries. Adding a pinch of turmeric powder to the curries and vegetable preparations is one of the best ways to ensure you get your daily dose of this powerful herb.



Sonth for Heart

It improves blood circulation which may help avoid arterial blockages that can cause heart disease. It can be used in combination with other drugs.

Tulsi patra

This divine herb helps to control cholesterol level and also helps to reduce your blood sugar. It is preferably used in combination.

So include these herbs in your routine to get benefits from these. These natural drugs can do wonders. Buy these processed herbs from and use them on regular basis for healthier heart. For more enquires, email me your problem at