Why Usage of Ghee is Important as per Ayurveda?

Ghee is an integral part of a wholesome Indian food. But off lately, the prevailing myths about ghee have resulted into its minimal or no use. Ghee is given a step-motherly treatment in today’s India where it was lavishly used and surprisingly the cholesterol levels were never so high back then what are now despite no ghee intake. Herbal Ghee


Absolutely, we need to change our perception towards ghee by not considering it merely a saturated fat. Ghee is very essential for our body to function properly. For this very reason, Ayurveda has always promoted the use of ghee for reasons mentioned below.

Boon in Acidity

Ghee in foodGhee helps in reducing acidity by forming a line on the stomach wall and preventing the irritation. Make sure you add it to your daal or chapatti to enjoy a regular healthy intake in your daily diet.

Promotes Digestion

It promotes the digestive fire thereby helping you to digest your food properly. Also, a good digestion relieves the complaint of constipation which is quite a common problem these days, especially in winters.

Helpful in Joint Pains

In degenerative joint pains, it is essential to ensure regular intake of Ghee as it strengthens the bone and supporting tissues.

Good for Vision

Ghee for eyesGhee is a preventive and also a curative aid to deteriorating vision. For clear vision and healthier eyes, it can be taken with triphala powder. Now you know why most of the kids these days have poor eyesight…their poor intake of ghee.

Promotes Mental Faculties

Ghee for brainGhee is very helpful in promoting learning, retaining and memorizing. Therefore, it keeps your child’s brain sharp and active. Ensure you supplement your child with optimum quantity of ghee.

Immunity Booster

Ghee is known to be a wonderful immunity booster as it is helpful in curtailing infection. The tradition of conducting homas at home with lavish use of ghee has proved to keep environment healthy and positive. Lightening a ghee diya in house is a tradition which again promotes health.

External Usage

It has a cooling effect therefore its application on a scald or a burn prevents the formation of blisters.

Looking into these benefits of ghee, it is suggested that we all must include ghee in our daily routine for a healthier life rather keeping it at an arm’s distance.

Always Remember…

Prefer drinking lukewarm water over ghee instead of plain or cold water. People suffering from diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol must consult an Ayurvedic physician to draw the benefits from ghee.

Dietary Tips for Healthier Liver Functioning

There is no better way than following a healthy diet regime to have a smooth functioning liver. After discussing the importance of liver in the system, here is an article that focuses on proactive precautions that we all can take by ensuring a healthier and more organized diet.

Food for Healthy Liver
Food for Healthy Liver

Food Tips for Healthy Liver

Occasion Fasting

It helps in digesting the accumulated toxins in the system thereby relaxing and decontaminating the liver.

Fast for Liver
Fast for Liver

Avoid Unwholesome Combinations

We often consume food in unhealthy combinations because of ignorance which adversely affects our health. For example, eating hot and cold combinations like curd and milk or ice cream and gulab jamun.

Eat When Hungry

You must eat only when your body demands it. This is important for reducing load on liver. Do not follow a clock to eat, follow your appetite.

Say NO to Late Night Munching

We often end up munching on all sorts of unhealthy snacks when we are up till late. Don’t do that as it is extremely unhealthy.

No late night food for healthy liver
No late night food for healthy liver

Don’t Completely Miss on Ghee

Indian cuisine suggests use of ghee in everyday meals and so does Ayurveda for healthier gut. Have it in lesser quantities on daily basis. In specific conditions, guidance of an Ayurvedic physician should be taken.

Reasons which impair liver functioning must also be avoided.

(as discussed in the previous article)

Follow these tips and stay healthy. If you have any doubts then mail me at vdshruti@gyanherbal.in.