Herbs that Promise Skin Free from Acne…Acne scars…Pigmentation….Blemishes…Tan.

Oily skin plays a precursor to skin problems as it attracts dust and pollution. Also, unhealthy blood or impurities in blood lead to them. The unwholesome food practices even influence the blood quality. Therefore, they must be treated at three levels viz. locally, internally and easy to follow dos and don’ts.


concept skincare . Skin of beauty young woman with redness, skinHere are a few herbs which help you fight against different skin conditions. These simple herbs show miraculous results in short span.

  • Chandan powder

This aromatic herb not just frees you from your skin problems but also relaxes you. It de-tans, maintains the skin tone and adds lusture to it. It can be used individually by mixing it with rose water or can be combined with other herbs for face and skin.

  • Gulab powder

gulab for pimples

It not just treats acne, tan and pigmentation but also gives a refreshing experience. It can be used with rose water or plain water as the medium.

  • Manjistha powder

It is a known blood-purifier. It cleanses the blood and consequently improves the skin quality. It can be used externally with neem patra in acnes or individually for blemishes. It can be consumed internally too.

  • Neem patra powder

Neem Leaves for Acne

Neem is known for its anti-biotic and blood cleansing properties. Like Manjistha, it can be used both internally and externally.

  • Multani powder

This mud has amazing de-tan property. It can be mixed with rose water or plain water and applied to the face or skin.

  • Aloe vera Gel

It nourishes, tones the skin and lifts wrinkles. Particularly, people who have skin sensitivity to sun, application of aloe vera gel helps a lot.

  • Masoor Dal powder

It is used in the medium of milk. It can be used as face scrub to de-tan or as a replacement to soap for bathing purposes. It tones the skin on regular use.

These are simple-to-use method to revive your skin with natural herbs. Other herbs which can be used for skin and face:

  • Santra chilka powder
  • Amahaldi powder
  • Kapurkachri powder
  • Haldi powder
  • Jaiphal powder etc.

Then why use chemicals when naturally herbs can give you a glowing lustrous skin. So, replace your face wash and scrub with these natural easy-to-use readily available herbs and prepare a combination which suits your skin type.

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