Amazing Home Remedies of Clove (Laung)

Laung or clove is a wonderful spice and has continued to be an integral part of our kitchens since ages. The traditional use of clove buds in delicacies like pullavs (rice preparation), kadhi (regional preparation) etc. still prevails. This adds aroma to the dish and also certain medicinal properties. laung-clove

Wonderful Home Remedies Using Laung


Keep small quantity beneath the tongue. This arrests hiccups.

Throat infectionsĀ  laung-throat-infection

Small tablets of powdered clove buds and honey can be prepared. Use these tablets like lozenge.


Its powder can be taken with honey, especially vomiting associated with pregnancy.

Gaseous distention laung-gaseous-distention

In case of bloating, mishri and laung powders can be mixed together and consumed.

Acidity laung-elaichi

Mishri, laung and elaichi can be taken together before food. This is effective in bringing down the acidity bouts.

Excessive thirst

Quarter to half teaspoon of its powder can be given to quench the thirst. Or overnight soaking of laung in water and consuming this medicated water the next day is also very beneficial.

Strength to the teeth laung-strong-teeth

A combination of powders of laung, neem patra, suhaga(phoola), fitkari(phoola), peepal etc. can be used for massaging the gums and cleaning the teeth. This can be used on a regular basis. It prevents and cures bad odor, toothache and anorexia.

Enjoy the benefits of laung with these simple remedies.

Clove (Laung): Herbal Spice with Many Health Benefits

Laung or Clove is a very refreshing ingredient of your kitchen. It is a vital herbal spice in the Indian kitchens for flavor, aroma and also for its medicinal properties.

Clove Laung Benefits

This aromatic herbal spice imbibes amazing properties which can help us deal with our tiny ailments at home or can serve as a first-aid.

Health Benefits of Clove or Laung

Acidity: Due to its cooling nature, it is very helpful in curtailing acidity bouts. You can prepare a combination of laung, mishri and elaichi and consume it whenever you experience an acidity bout.

Dental care: It is known for its anti-bacterial property. You can prepare herbal manjan (tooth powder) with laung, majuphal, neem, saindha namak etc. Using a laung-based manjan relieves toothache and gum swelling, prevent bad odor and impart freshness to the oral cavity and strength to the gums.

Woman teeth

Nausea: Taking a few pinches of laung powder along with honey brings down the nausea and restlessness.

Cough: It can be given in combination with sonth, peepal, baheda, elaichi etc. to treat cough.

Clove for cold

Headache: A simple application of laung powder mixed in water to the forehead pacifies the headache.

Joint pain: Applying a paste of laung to the joint will relieve the pain.

Swelling in the throat: Gargling with the decoction of laung brings down the swelling in the throat.

Fever: Keeping laung and kapur in a muslin cloth when suffering from fever prevents infection.

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