Amazing Benefits of AJWAIN

Ajwain has been an important part of the Indian kitchens since ages. Moreover, it has been abundantly used for various home remedies.

Ajwain or Carom Seeds is an uncommon spice used for flavouring food in India

This aromatic and flavorsome spice also imbibes amazing medicinal properties. This spice has been described in the classical texts for Ayurveda as:

  • Wonderful digestive
  • Appetizer
  • Flatulence reliever
  • Imparts strength

Ajwain in Combination with Other Herbs

This Ayurvedic herb is used for various purposes in combination with other drugs for extra-ordinary results. Here are some of the combinations along with astonishing results.

  1. Weight Reduction: Ajwain powder along with danamethi powder, kalijiri powder and alsi powder can be used for weight management.
  2. Indigestion and Gas: Ajwain powder along with half the quantity of saindha namak helps in relieving flatulence when consumed with lukewarm water.
  3. Post Delivery Nutrition: Traditionally, Ajwain powder is prepared into decoction and is administered to females after the delivery for better health and stamina.Ajwain Spice Decoction
  4. De-worming: Ajwain powder can be given with buttermilk for de-worming.
  5. Joint Pain: It can be used along with amahaldi powder, sonth powder and danamethi powder to relieve joint pain.
  6. Cough and Cold: It can be used with kalimirch powder and tulsi patra powder for seasonal infections.

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