FLAXSEEDS: Herb for Weight Reduction

Flaxseeds or Alsi seeds have always been an important Indian herb. These have become more popular in recent times as people have learned about the wonderfully effective health benefits. This post talks about how you can use flaxseeds in weight reduction. But before that let us read about some of the benefits of this Ayurevdic herb.

Alsi Flaxseeds

Important benefits of Alsi seeds:

  • It imparts strength to the body,
  • It is popular for its efficacy in weight management,
  • It is beneficial to the heart.

At Gyan Herbal Home, there are various options to incorporate these benefits and manage your weight effectively. Now you can include Alsi seeds or flaxseeds in your diet in more palatable or convenient form.

Alsi for Weight Loss

  1. Alsi Powder: This form of alsi seeds can be used in combination with other drugs. You can also prepare decoction from the powdered alsi. Some people mix it in wheat flour and prepare rotis with it for weight management.
  2. Alsi (Roasted): You can munch these seeds as and when you want. Roasted seeds are far better in effectiveness than regular seeds and are very easy to have.
  3. Alsi Laddu: This is a combination of unique concept and traditional delicacy. Alsi laddus are a tasty, palatable and delicious form to consume these seeds. The best time to have them is during the winter season. This is surely one of the most delicious ways to have alsi.

Add this herb to your diet for desired results and stay fit and healthy. For any queries or more inputs on using alsi seeds for weight control, mail me at vdshruti@gyanherbal.in.