BHRINGRAJ and Its Multiple Health Benefits

Bhringraj is a ladies-favorite herb for it promises beautiful hair locks. Although, this herb has multiple benefits but its efficacy to nourish hair has got it laurels.


केश्यस्त्वच्य: कृमिश्वासकासशोथपाण्डुनुत्। दन्त्यो रसायनो बल्य:कुष्ठनेत्रशिरो अर्तिनुत्।


It is said to be beneficial for hair and skin, cures worms, respiratory disorders like breathlessness and cough, swelling and anemia, good for teeth and eyes, is a rejuvenative, imparts strength and is effective in skin problems and headache.

Health Benefits of Bhrangraj

Hair tonic

Bhrangraj HairIt can be used both internally and externally for nourishment of hair. Internally, it can be taken individually or in combination with amvala, kale till, nagarmotha. Externally, it can be used in a hair pack combined with amvala, shikakai, jatamansi, multani, danamethi, baheda, harad etc. or as hair oil.

Liver tonic

This herb is a wonderful tonic to liver. It strengthens the liver thereby improves body metabolism. It can be taken with herbs like giloy, kutki etc. for potential benefits.


It can be given with honey.

Skin problems

Bhringraj skincare-problemsIt is also helpful in treating skin issues. An application of bhringraj along with mehndi reduces burning sensation and heals the wound faster.

Scorpion bite

Even in poisonous conditions like this, local application of this powder is beneficial. Also, decoction prepared from this herb is advised for intake or washing the site of bite.

Therefore, multiple health benefits can be gained from bhrangraj along with gorgeous beautiful hair. We provide you this herb in a ready-to-use form at our outlet. Get your pack now!!!

Amazing Herbal Home Remedies Using GILOY

Giloy, also called as Guduchi (classically), is a divine herb. It has been praised and appreciated in the classics of Ayurveda for magnificent health benefits.


This herb is known for its efficacy in multiple conditions –

  • Infective fevers like malaria, seasonal fevers;
  • Liver disorders like jaundice, fatty liver;
  • Intestinal problems like amoebiasis, indigestion;
  • Skin ailments like eczema, impurities in blood;
  • Endocrinal diseases like Diabetes;
  • Urinary diseases

Home Remedies Using Giloy in Different Diseases

Apart from the mentioned conditions, this herb is very effective in the diseases mentioned below. Read on to find easy to prepare home remedy combinations for natural treatments:

  • Liver disorder: Combination of giloy, kutki and triphala can be given.
  • Fever: Giloy powder with triphala churna and honey can be administered to treat fever.Giloy Fever
  • Jaundice: Giloy can be given with honey in jaundice.
  • Indigestion: Giloy, laung and dalchini powders can be prepared into a decoction. It can be taken thrice a day. This combination improves digestion.
  • Skin ailments: Powder of giloy, khair, neem patra, amvala and haldi can be mixed and given to cure skin ailments like itching, burning sensation and rashes. It is a very effective depurative.
  • Diabetes: Giloy with neem patra, jamun guthli, gudmar, karela helps in maintaining sugar levels.
  • General tonic: The benefit of this herb is that even healthy individuals can consume it. It promotes general health and boosts immunity.

There are infinite uses of this herb but only a few are mentioned here. So get your pack at Gyan Herbal Home.

Strengthen Your Liver with Gwarpatha (Aloe Vera) Laddus

We all have heard about amazing health benefits of Aloe vera, a popular herb. It is used extensively all over the world for its health and cosmetic value.

Aloe vera Laddu

We present you this herb in a unique form- Laddus…. Gwarpatha (Aloe vera) Laddu is an exclusive preparation by Gyan Herbal Home available in winters only.

Health Properties of Aloe Vera:

We are aware with the properties of Aloe vera like:

  • Liver tonic
  • Strengthens the digestive apparatus
  • Promotes the synthesis of blood and purifies it
  • Beneficial in diabetes
  • Gwarpatha Laddu

Benefits of Gwarpatha Ladoos:

Owing to the properties of Aloe vera, the benefits of Gwarpatha Laddu are mentioned below

  • It incorporates the properties mentioned above
  • It is very beneficial to old people
  • It helps in maintaining the weight
  • It brings down the bodily swelling (if any)

This laddu is prepared in the wheat flour base and aloe vera and is flavored with ajwain, ashwagandha, peepal, bura etc. These herbal laddus are an amazing blend of taste and nutrition.

Consumption Guidelines

One laddu morning and evening with lukewarm milk is recommended.

Make sure you do not consume anything cold for at least 45mins after the consumption of these laddus.

Gwarpatha Laddu is an ideal combination of herbs according to the season. So, satisfy your taste buds with this rare variety of herbal laddu.

To place an order for your packet of herbal laddus, drop us an email at

Methods and Herbs for Liver Detox in Ayurveda

In the previous posts, we discussed the significance of liver in our healthy existence and diet practices that are helpful in safeguarding its efficacy. Now we are going to talk about techniques to do that.

Healthy Liver Detox
Healthy Liver Detox

An Ayurvedic cleansing method is a reset button for the liver. The toxin build up can be either flushed out or can be gradually pacified.


It’s an Ayurvedic therapy to throw the toxins out of the body by inducing loose motions. These toxins present in the gut are removed with the help of purgatives. This method is best suited under the guidance of an Ayurvedic physician.

Herbal Liver Tonics

It is a unique concept in Ayurveda wherein we can strengthen the liver functioning by consuming natural herbs. This not just improves the efficacy of liver but also gradually flushes out the toxins.

Ayurvedic Herbs for Reviving the Liver

Use the below mentioned Indian medicinal herbs in regular routine to revitalize your liver functioning and you will see wonderful changes in your system.

  1. Gwarpatha (Aloe vera) powder: It improvises the functions of liver and strengthens it. Half to one teaspoon with plain water in the morning on empty stomach is beneficial.

    Aloe vera herb for liver
    Aloe vera herb for liver
  1. Amvala powder: Known for its rejuvenation property. It revitalizes the liver and ensures its smooth working. Also it helps in increasing the blood count. A teaspoon morning and evening is effective.
  1. Giloy powder: An excellent liver bracer. It is used in varied conditions like fevers, skin problems etc. the reason of which is usually unhealthy liver condition. One teaspoon of this powder is helpful.
  1. Kutki powder: It not just cures various liver ailments but also many associated to it. It is slightly laxative in nature. Half a teaspoon suffices the taste buds.
  1. Neem powder: Commonly available these margosa leaves are a wonderful anti-biotic for liver. They effectively cleanse the liver and purify blood.
  1. Mulathi powder: This miraculous herb has an exceptional healing power. This can be consumed half a teaspoon for its benefits.

    Mulathi Powder for Liver
    Mulathi Powder for Liver
  1. Triphala powder: It is a classical digestive tonic which acts as a mild laxative. It has anti-oxidant property.

Above mentioned are general dosages. In specific conditions, consult an Ayurvedic physician to have amazing benefits of these Indian herbs.


Dietary Tips for Healthier Liver Functioning

There is no better way than following a healthy diet regime to have a smooth functioning liver. After discussing the importance of liver in the system, here is an article that focuses on proactive precautions that we all can take by ensuring a healthier and more organized diet.

Food for Healthy Liver
Food for Healthy Liver

Food Tips for Healthy Liver

Occasion Fasting

It helps in digesting the accumulated toxins in the system thereby relaxing and decontaminating the liver.

Fast for Liver
Fast for Liver

Avoid Unwholesome Combinations

We often consume food in unhealthy combinations because of ignorance which adversely affects our health. For example, eating hot and cold combinations like curd and milk or ice cream and gulab jamun.

Eat When Hungry

You must eat only when your body demands it. This is important for reducing load on liver. Do not follow a clock to eat, follow your appetite.

Say NO to Late Night Munching

We often end up munching on all sorts of unhealthy snacks when we are up till late. Don’t do that as it is extremely unhealthy.

No late night food for healthy liver
No late night food for healthy liver

Don’t Completely Miss on Ghee

Indian cuisine suggests use of ghee in everyday meals and so does Ayurveda for healthier gut. Have it in lesser quantities on daily basis. In specific conditions, guidance of an Ayurvedic physician should be taken.

Reasons which impair liver functioning must also be avoided.

(as discussed in the previous article)

Follow these tips and stay healthy. If you have any doubts then mail me at


Healthy Liver: The Key to Perfect Skin, Hair and Digestion

Ayurveda declares the liver as the core of agni (the digestive fire). Therefore, it is the metabolism factory of a human body. It is responsible for processing the food that we eat. The metabolism of glucose, fats, proteins, modification of toxins and such more essential functions fall under the custody of liver.

Reasons for Improper Liver Functioning

Our improper and unwholesome food and regimen practices lead to toxin accumulation in liver. Common unhealthy food practices and items that hamper liver functioning have been mentioned below:

  • Oily and spicy food
  • Liquor
  • Artificial preservatives, flavors and fermented food
  • Caffeine rich supplements
  • Salty, sour food articles
  • Improper food timings and combinations
  • Junk and aerated drinks
  • Zero or very restricted intake of ghee and sweets
  • Dryness causing food articles or practices

We often end up interfering with smooth liver functioning because of our ignorance about right food regime and unhealthy eating practices.

Do You Need a Liver Detox?

Well, yes liver decontamination is needed if you are suffering from any of the symptoms that have been mentioned below

Acidity, Constipation
Acidity, Constipation
  • Digestive problems such as acidity, burning sensation, bloating, indigestion, constipation etc.;
  • Sleep disturbances, irritability;
  • Skin problems;
  • Hair loss;
  • Back pain and joint pain;
  • Eye problems;
  • Weakness and dullness etc.


These general and common symptoms suggest that alleviation of toxins from the liver is very necessary.

Benefits of Liver Detox

Here are a few benefits of healthy liver which can be attained with a detox program.

Healthy skin, hair and eyes
Healthy skin, hair and eyes
  • Healthy gut ensuring easy digestion and no GIT ailments,
  • Lustrous skin;
  • Healthy, dense hair;
  • Twinkle eyes;
  • Mental peace and sound sleep;
  • Enhanced energy levels etc.

Because of such a vital role in our healthy existence, it becomes inevitably important that liver must undergo cleansing for its smooth working like any ordinary machine.

Follow the next post which talks tips on diet for healthy liver as per Ayurveda.