How About Some Flaxseed Laddus for Healthier Body?

Alsi beej, popular as Flaxseeds, have become very popular in the society in recent times. They have been extensively used for their utility in controlling cholesterol, diabetes and blood pressure. Apart from these qualities, flaxseeds are health promoting.

Heap of flax seeds in vintage wooden spoon

Gyan Herbal Home brings you flaxseeds in unique and healthier form for everyday use. We bring them to you as herbal laddus which are ideal for consumption in winter season.

Alsi Herbal Flaxseeds Laddu

Alsi laddus contain the richness of alsi seeds with wheat flour as the base along with rich Indian spices like kalimirch, laung, saunf, jaiphal, peepa mixed with bura, ghee etc.

Health Benefits of Alsi Laddus

  • These laddus are nutritious and are a very good seasonal health supplement.
  • They are beneficial in promoting the stamina and strength of the body.
  • They are helpful in relieving joint pain and cardiac ailments. Alsi Cholestrol
  • They are effective in health conditions like diabetes and blood pressure.

Consumption guidelines

One herbal laddu morning and one ladoo in evening with warm milk is an ideal diet. The quantity of laddu can vary depending on one’s digestive capacity.

These laddus are ideal for winter consumption only.

So, bring these nutritional herbal mouth-watering laddus home and enjoy a healthy winters.

A word of caution: Make sure you do not consume anything cold on these ladoos. Also, Diabetics and Hypertensives should seek an Ayurvedic physician’s guidance before use.

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Treating HYPERTENSION Was Never So Easy

High blood pressure or Hypertension is a commonly witnessed ailment. It claims no age bar. Even youngsters have fallen prey to it. This condition of increased pressure in the arterial blood is usually seen in association with other medical conditions, especially with the following issues:

  • Diabetes
  • High Cholesterol
  • Hyperacidity


People suffering with these health issues usually are prone to high blood pressure. Therefore, the treatment for Hypertension varies depending on the cause of its manifestation. Accordingly, here are some herbs which can help you treat high blood pressure are suggested.

For Hypertension associated with Diabetes

  1. Arjunchaal powder: This can be used as a tea. Take ¾ cup of water and ¼ cup of water. Boil and add one spoon of this powder. Then filter and consume. Avoid adding sugar.
  2. Tulsi patra powder: These leaves regulate the blood circulation and also help control diabetes. This herb can be added to your diabetes-controlling herbs as well.

Hypertension Herb


For Hypertension associated with High Cholesterol

  1. Arjunchaal powder: Arjunchaal powder not just acts on the heart but also controls the cholesterol. Black tea prepared from it, is very effective in cholesterol related blood pressure.
  2. Ajwain powder: This seed powder can be taken with lukewarm water. It improves digestion and lessens the toxic element in the system.
  3. Dalchini powder: This common Indian spice is taken ½ a teaspoon with warm water. Also, you can use it with other herbs like danamethi, sonth


For Hypertension associated with Acidity

  1. Elaichi powder: Hyperacidity shoots the blood pressure levels. Elaichi is a very soothing herb which controls the acid bouts thereby helping in controlling blood pressure.
  2. Amvala powder: This rejuvenation drug has been tested ages before for its efficacy in treating acidity. Therefore, one can take amvala religiously if suffers with constant hyperacidity. It can be mixed with mishri for better results. You can even buy it online.

So, understand your body requirement and supplement accordingly. Remember, it is important to stay fit healthy and happy only then you can enjoy your life to the fullest.

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