Get in Shape with Post Pregnancy or Jaape ke Laddus

How to get back in shape after pregnancy???? This one question haunts all the women post pregnancy.

Post Pregnancy Jaape ke LadduSince ages, the experienced women of the family have been giving the post-delivery care to the new mother assuring health and stamina to her. They make sure to include JAAPE KE LADDU in her diet to expel the toxins which accumulate during her gestational period. Jaape ke Ladoos

Presently, this tradition is still prevailing in small towns and villages. Due to busy lifestyles and lack of knowledge, people in city aren’t able to provide proper post-delivery care to the mother. Keeping this requirement and necessity in mind, Gyan Herbal Home brings you Jaape Ke Laddu which are a wonderful Ayurvedic combination for the new mothers to clean their system and get back in shape.

Each laddu contains the properties of sonth (satva), supari, ajwain, kamarkas gond, jaiphal, laung, javitri, makhaane, ghee, bura etc. in the base of wheat flour. All these ingredients come with properties that effectively support the health of the newly mother. Jaape ke laddu spices

Benefits of post-delivery consumable JAAPE KE LADDU

  • Builds stamina in the newly mother.
  • Flushes out the toxins accumulated during the 9-months duration.
  • Helps in putting the female back in shape in a natural way.

Consumption guidelines

It is ideal to consume these laddus under the guidance of experienced women or Ayurvedic physicians. They can be consumed for approximately 40 days after the delivery. For those, who get operated under Cesarean section, must seek advice to when to start these laddus.

Note: These laddus are available only on prior order.

So, gift health to the newly mother by presenting her with these laddus.

Enjoy Stronger Digestion with Ginger

Winters bring along the desire to introduce the flavor of Ginger to our food. In some houses, Ginger becomes an important and inseparable ingredient of the kitchen in this season. Ginger is available in both wet and dry form.  Ginger sonth powder

Indian kitchens use both, the wet ginger (adrak) and dried ginger (sonth) in routine. Apart from its taste value, ginger has amazing therapeutic properties as well. It promotes appetite and enhances digestion, relieves pain, removes systemic toxins, relieves constipation etc.

Health Benefits of Ginger/ Sonth:

Out of various uses of ginger, a few have been mentioned below:

Digestion and Weight Loss

Ginger Weight loss

Ginger aids digestive fire which in turn sharpens the appetite. This in turn helps in clearing the accumulated toxins in the system by digesting them. As a result you enjoy stronger digestion along with weight loss in a healthier manner.

Its combination with black pepper (kalimirch) and long pepper (peepal) is termed as Trikatu which is very effective in indigestion, flatulence, stomachache etc.

Treats Ailments

Girl blowing her noseIt comes with warming and stimulating properties which are helpful in treating common health ailments. It works well in conditions like cholesterol, fevers etc. which are a resultant of toxin-accumulation.

Addition to Teas and Milk

Ginger Tea]Its lavish use in teas is very common because it’s wonderful aroma and flavor. Also, it makes tea easily digestible. If added to warm milk then it helps in clearing cough and cold and other respiratory conditions.

Effective in Joint Pains

Prepare and consume a decoction of ginger for treating varied joint pains.

Ingredient to Sweet Delicacies

Sonth is used in various Indian sweet delicacies like laddus and other traditional preparations because of its property to digest the heavy to digest sumptuous sweets.

Promotes Stamina

Combined with other herbal powders and drugs, sonth is very effective in promoting stamina.

You can buy your pack of Sonth or Ginger from Gyan Herbal Home and use it in winters to stay fit and healthy.

Stay Strong and Healthy with Kaunch Beej Laddus

Kaunch beej is known for its property to build stamina and strength along with being aphrodisiac. Since ages, delicacy prepared from the seeds of Kaunch named “Kaunch Paak” has been in use.

Gyan Herbal Home brings you flavorsome preparation of purified Kaunch seeds in a laddu form which can be consumed seasonally as this potentiates the effect of Kaunch seeds. The ideal time for its consumption is winters.

Kaunch Laddu

These laddus are prepared in ghee with a wheat flour base and bura. Mainly purified Kaunch beej and other herbs like ashwagandha, laung, jaiphal, javitri etc. are used to make these laddus tasteful and nutritional.

Kaunch Beej Benefits:

Kaunch Beej Laddu is a rare herbal sweet which incorporates the following benefits:

  • It promotes stamina, strength and health Kaunch Beej Laddu Strength
  • Acts as an aphrodisiac
  • Nourishes body tissues

Consumption guidelines

One laddu morning and evening with lukewarm milk is an ideal diet.

Make sure you do not consume anything cold for at least 45mins after the consumption of these laddus.

This variety of herbal laddu has no age or gender bar. It is beneficial to males, females and children….old and young.

So, bring these delicious herbal laddus home this winter and enjoy a healthy season.

To order your pack, send an email to

Herbs That Are Best For Diabetes Patients

Diabetes is a slow killer. It gradually damages the vital organs of the body. Looking into its serious consequences, it is important to include anti-diabetic herbs in your routine as a supplement and also as a precautionary treatment to avoid the complications of this disease.


Useful Indian Herbs For Treating Diabetes

Though there are innumerous herbs to fight diabetes but depending on the availability and their assured results, a few of them have been mentioned below.

Danamethi Dana methi for diabetes

This very familiar Ayurvedic herb is highly used by diabetics because of its popularity. Fenugreek seeds help improve digestion thereby allowing lesser accumulation of the toxins in the body. It is also effective in weakness.

Neem Patra curry leaves

The anti-biotic property of Neem Patra is known to all. It purifies the blood. This also helps in subsiding skin ailments which are prevalent in diabetes.

Bilva Patra

Bilva Patra has proven its efficacy in diabetes and also is known to be effective in swelling.

Jamun Guthali Jamun Gut hli for Diabetes_

Jamun Seed is most commonly advised herb for diabetes. Apart from controlling the increased sugar levels, this herb is an effective liver tonic. It improves body stamina.


This herb in itself defines its purpose. Gud means sweet and mar means alleviate. In simple words, Gudmar is a herb which alleviates excessive or not needed sweetness in the system.

Karela Karela for diabetes

This herb is consumed mostly in a vegetable form. Due to its bitterness and blood-cleansing property, it helps in diabetes.


Kutki is a wonderful liver tonic; it not only controls diabetes but also cleanses the gut and expels the unwanted contents from the body.


Chirayata is known for its blood purification property. It is commonly used in combination with kutki.

All the above mentioned herbs are bitter in taste which is essential to treat this ailment. Also, it is advised not to use single herbs but a combination for better results.

You can buy these herbs at GYAN HERBAL HOME where they are available in cleaned, processed, powdered form for easy usage.

If you wish to know about diet and lifestyle practices in diabetic condition, then click on the link given below

Health Benefits of Gond Laddus: Perfect Winter Sweet

As soon as winters knock, the first and foremost laddu which clicks us is the GOND LADDU. There are various Indian families where preparing ladoos for winters at home is a tradition. Their priority is this very Gond laddu and undoubtedly it is loved by all family members. Gond Ladoos

Gond Laddu is a herbal Indian sweet which reserves its own special place among all the traditional sweets. That’s why there is also the tradition of gifting this ladoo on special occasions like Diwali, marriages etc. and is being served as a specialty in gatherings.Gond Laddu

At Gyan Herbal Home, we have a ready to eat range of Herbal Laddus. We prepare Gond Ladoos in the base of wheat flour which is nourished with the qualities of gond, badam, giri, bura etc.

Health Benefits of Gond Laddu

Gond Laddu has many benefits attributed to itself.

  • Knowing the importance of gond, it is very beneficial to women. Gond Laddu Women
  • It strengthens and nourishes the bone tissues.
  • It maintains and promotes the stamina, strength and stability of the body.
  • It keeps you healthy and fit.
  • It is wholesome nourishment for winters.

So if you are feeling tired and lack energy, this delicious Indian sweet can actually bring wonderful changes in your system.

Consumption Guidelines

You can enjoy one gond laddu every morning and evening with plain lukewarm milk.

Make sure you do not consume anything cold for at least 45mins after the consumption of these laddus.

Do not miss on the awesomeness of Gond Laddu this season. They are a perfect gift to your loved ones. So, gift happiness along with assured health with this delicacy.

To order these nutritious ladoos for better health, email us at

Fight Joint Pains with Ayurvedic Danamethi Laddus

Danamethi or Fenugreek is a very popular herb in Indian kitchen. It is widely used in Rajasthan. Commonly, it is used as a spice to add a particular flavor to our curries.

Fenugreek Seeds

As a general trend, people use this Ayurvedic herb to keep their gut healthy and digestion strong which helps them in keeping away lots of the health troubles.

Owing to this very important property of Danamethi, we introduce you the DANAMETHI LADDU, a healthy and wholesome traditional Indian sweet which promises amazing benefits to your health. Danamethi Laddu

Gyan Herbal Home excels the art of preparing this wonderful laddus by adding danamethi in wheat flour along with binding agents like jaggery(gud), ghee and appetizers like kalimirch, sonth, haldi etc.

Health Benefits of Danamethi Laddu

  • It strengthens the bone and muscle tissues thereby fighting degenerative joint pains. Therefore, it is ideal for aged people. Have it in winters and keep your joints free from all the pain. If your mother, father or any other elderly person in your family is suffering from severe joint pains, include these laddus in their diet for amazing results. Danamethi Laddu Joint Pains
  • Also it is very effective in keeping the digestion healthy and intact.
  • It alleviates weakness and promotes stamina and strength.
  • It clears the bowel.

Consumption Guidelines

Danamethi LadooYou can consume one laddu morning and night before going to bed with warm milk. It ensures a clean bowel next morning and ensures high energies.

Make sure you do not consume anything cold for at least 45mins after the consumption of these laddus.

This laddu is ideal for use in winters only.

So, enjoy the benefits of Danamethi Laddu and ensure health along with great taste.

We offer ready to eat range of Danamethi Laddus which have been prepared keeping in mind the health benefits. To order your pack of sweets, email us at

TRIPHALA: Beneficial Ayurvedic Medicine for Healthier Gut

Triphala is a wonderful combination which has been used from ages and is easily available in the market. Owing to its properties, triphala is available in different proportions and form due to its extensive utility in various conditions.


It is a classical, authentic and time-tested combination of three fruits viz. Haritaki (Harad), Vibhitaki (Baheda) and Amalaki (Amvala). These three herbs are mixed either in an equal or in a 1:2:4 ratio or in a ratio of 1:2:3. The benefits of these are nearly same. The coarse powder of Triphala is also in use which is for external purpose and is available in the markets with name “Triphala Jawkutt”.

Health Benefits and Uses of Triphala

  • Constipation: Some people have it religiously to treat constipation. If you are suffering from constipation, you can also have it at bedtime.
  • Strengthens the gut: Triphala strengthens the intestines. Therefore, it can be used on a regular basis.
  • For weight management: This Ayurvedic combination can also be taken with honey for weight management as it is a healthy cleanser. Measuring tape around slim beautiful waist.
  • For an improved eyesight: It can be taken to benefit the eyes. Three-forth teaspoon of Triphala can be mixed with 1 teaspoon of honey and ¼ teaspoon of ghee ( an unequal quantity). This combination can be taken regularly provided there are no other ailments.  Triphala for eyes
  • As an eye wash: Triphala jawkutt is prepared into a liquid by adding it to the warm water and later on sieving it. This finely sieved medicated water then can be used for eye wash in a very lukewarm state.
  • Rejuvenation: This is a tonic to the body. Therefore, it is ideal for consumption for all.

Apart from these general uses, triphala covers a broad spectrum of diseases. It can also be used in skin and hair problems, fever, diabetes and many such health conditions.

This widely used combination is available in all the three forms viz. Triphala, Triphala 1:2:4 and Triphala Jawkutt at Gyan Herbal Home in high quality.

Stay Healthy with the Herbal Appetizer Trikatu

Trikatu is a classical combination proposed by Ayurveda scholars which can be used in various health conditions. It is a combination of three famous Indian spices viz.

  • Sonth (Shunthi /Dry Ginger)    Trikatu Sonth
  • Peepal (Pippali /Long Pepper) Trikatu peepal
  • Kalimirch (Maricha /Black Pepper) Trikatu Kalimirch

All three spices when taken together in equal quantity are named as Trikatu – A pungent trio. It is a very powerful combination and an amazing herbal appetizer. Here are a few uses quoted below.

Everyday Uses of Trikatu for Healthier Living

  • Respiratory ailments: It is used in cough and cold, running nose etc. It can be taken with honey or warm water to recover from seasonal cold. Girl in winter clothing sneezing
  • Weight management: It is known for its efficacy in obesity. It digests the toxins, enhances digestion and reduces fat. Blend it with Danamethi, Dalchini and other herbs to make a perfect combination.
  • Indigestion: It is taken with warm water for indigestion. This helps in kindling the digestive fire.
  • Flatulence: It clears the gaseous collection within the GIT thereby helping relieve the discomfort.

Due to its digestive property, this combination is mixed with other herbs in various conditions to potentiate results. You can add it to your curries and sabzis and enjoy a healthy digestive meal.

This effective classical combination is available at Gyan Herbal Home in pure form. You can buy your own packet right away.

Tips on Dealing with DANDRUFF with these HERBS

Dandruff is one of the most common hair problem faced by all of us. The frequent scratching and flaky appearance on the scalp is very disappointing. Some of us have dry dandruff and some of us, oily dandruff. Depending on the dandruff type, the treatment varies.

Dandruff and Herbs

Tips on Treating Dandruff

Dry dandruff

  • Curd with amvala powder: It can be applied to the scalp. Keep it for half an hour and then rinse the scalp with plain water and later shampoo the hair. Curd is an effective conditioner. Make sure that the curd is of room temperature. Don’t apply curd which is immediately taken out of the fridge. Allow the liquid to drain out from the curd so that it stays in place without dripping. Curd for dandruff
  • Oiling: Regularly massage and oil your hair to provide them proper nourishment.
  • Say ‘no’ to shampoos: Avoid excessive or frequent shampooing of hair as they leave the scalp dry. If you wish to wash the hair frequently then ensure that you oil them well before shampooing. Moreover, using a herbal shampoo prepared with herbs is recommended. (Browse through complete range of herbs for hair Herbal Shampoo


Oily dandruff

  • Curd with kalimirch powder: A combination of curd with black pepper is to be applied to the scalp and rinse it off with plain water after half an hour. Later, you can shampoo your hair.
  • Neem patra powder: Decoction can be prepared out of neem patra Use it to wash the hair. This will prevent hair fall due to dandruff.
  • Natural shampoo: Regularly shampoo your hair with herbs like amvala powder, ritha powder, shikakai powder, bhrangraj powder, neem patra powder, danamethi powder, multani powder etc. A combination can be prepared from these natural hair-wash agents. (You can shop all these herbs online at )


Use these simple remedies to treat dandruff effectively. If you have any other hair problem, feel free to write me at and get rid of hair issues.



Here comes DIWALI – a 5-day long celebration. Although, Diwali is the major highlight but we have other important festivals too, which glorify this entire week and mark the beginning and the end of this delight.
• Oct 21,2014 (Day 1) : Dhanteras
It’s the birthday of Lord Dhavantari, the God of Ayurveda. Purchasing vessels especially in gold and silver marks this occasion. The significance lies in the fact that the food served in these vessels imparts good health and immunity.
• Oct 22,2014 (Day 2) : Naraka Chaturdashi / Choti Diwali / Roop Chaudas
This day is celebrated to abolish laziness and evil from our lives. On this day, one can pray for a healthy and beautiful body. Meditate for a sound soul and mind. Enjoy a lavish bath with uptan or other fragrant powders.
• Oct 23,2014 (Day 3) : Diwali and Lakshmi Poojan
It is the day which brings wealth and prosperity to all. Lighting the diyas not just signifies Goddess Lakshmi’s arrival but also imparts health.
• Oct 24,2014 (Day 4) : Balipratipada / Padwa / Govardhana (mostly in North India)
King Bali is worshipped on this day as he was bestowed this boon by Lord Vishnu who defeated him. In North, Lord Krishna is worshipped for he lifted the Govardhana hill to save his kinsmen and cattle from rain and flood. Also, on this day of Balipratipada, the gambling game is played with the family members.
• Oct 25,2014 (Day 5) : Bhaiya Dooj
This day is celebrated with the same zeal of Rakshabandhan. It’s a day to strengthen the bond between the brothers and the sisters. On this day, Moon is worshipped.
A few important health tips which one must follow during these days are:
• Fragrant oil bath is advised which is later washed with the shikakai powder or soaps. This is vital for the purification of selfish desires.
• Rangoli should be made during this festive season.
• Women should decorate their hands with henna.
• Oil lamps should be lit as they purify the atmosphere of our homes.
For more health related tips, have a look at the link given below:

This was just a briefing about the most awaited festive season. I wish you all a very happy, healthy, safe and prosperous DIWALI!!!

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