Amazing Home Remedies of Clove (Laung)

Laung or clove is a wonderful spice and has continued to be an integral part of our kitchens since ages. The traditional use of clove buds in delicacies like pullavs (rice preparation), kadhi (regional preparation) etc. still prevails. This adds aroma to the dish and also certain medicinal properties. laung-clove

Wonderful Home Remedies Using Laung


Keep small quantity beneath the tongue. This arrests hiccups.

Throat infections  laung-throat-infection

Small tablets of powdered clove buds and honey can be prepared. Use these tablets like lozenge.


Its powder can be taken with honey, especially vomiting associated with pregnancy.

Gaseous distention laung-gaseous-distention

In case of bloating, mishri and laung powders can be mixed together and consumed.

Acidity laung-elaichi

Mishri, laung and elaichi can be taken together before food. This is effective in bringing down the acidity bouts.

Excessive thirst

Quarter to half teaspoon of its powder can be given to quench the thirst. Or overnight soaking of laung in water and consuming this medicated water the next day is also very beneficial.

Strength to the teeth laung-strong-teeth

A combination of powders of laung, neem patra, suhaga(phoola), fitkari(phoola), peepal etc. can be used for massaging the gums and cleaning the teeth. This can be used on a regular basis. It prevents and cures bad odor, toothache and anorexia.

Enjoy the benefits of laung with these simple remedies.

Effective Use of Nutmeg (Jaiphal) for Healthier Living

Jaiphal or Nutmeg is commonly used in our kitchens. This herb adds aroma to our delicacies and makes them flavorsome. This not just adds to the flavor and richness to our delicacies but also ensures proper digestion. Also, it is commonly used in the teas. Apart from its use as a spice, cosmetic and medicinal values are also attributed to it.


Uses of Jaiphal in Different Health Problems

Cold jaiphal-running-nose

It is effective in fever, running nose, cough and shivering due to cold. Less than a quarter teaspoon can be given with warm water and the person should be advised to stay covered and not get exposed to cold. An immediate relief can be achieved.

Intestinal worms

A pinch of its powder is mixed with water or honey and is given to eliminate intestinal worms.

Blemishes and pigmentation jaiphal-blemishes

Application of the paste of powdered jaiphal and water can be applied to the desired sites for effective results.

Joint pain jaiphal-joint-pain

Heating jaiphal with olive oil and application of this oil to the affected joints, reduces the pain. It is mostly beneficial in a rheumatic type of pain.

Bad odor

In case of foul smell from mouth, a combination of jaiphal, javitri, elaichi, mishri and saunf can be taken.

So now, not just add the aroma of Jaiphal but also its medicinal benefits to your diet.

Elaichi: Ayurvedic Herb for Digestion

Elaichi, also known as lesser cardamom, is a refreshing fragrant herb. This herb has been used extensively to flavor teas and also as a mouth-freshener. Not only this, it is also an essential ingredient to Indian cuisine. It has medicinal properties are attributed to it. You can use this wonderful Indian herb to for different home remedies and draw benefits out of it.Elaichi

Elaichi has a wide range of action but its major effect is on the gastrointestinal tract. It can rectify various digestion related ailments and the organs involved in the process of digestion. Elaichi promotes digestion. Therefore, as a part of our tradition, we consume elaichi after meals.

Health Benefits of Elaichi

Given below are some wonderful health benefits associated with this Ayurvedic herb:

  • Nausea or vomiting: Elaichi in vomitingDecoction prepared from elaichi helps in pacifying nausea feeling.
  • Giddiness: Decoction of elaichi is added with a small quantity of gud (jaggery) to curb giddiness.
  • Palpitation: Elaichi powder along with peeplamool powder and small quantity of ghee is very effective to bring down palpitation.
  • Acidity and indigestion: Elaichi in indigestionIt can be given with saunf and mishri An immediate relief can be achieved in acidity and indigestion as it improvises the enzymatic secretion.
  • Difficulty in passing urine: It is helpful in clearing the obstruction in passage of urine.

(Ref.Bhavaprakash Nighantu)

This miraculous herb can relieve you from simple but common ailments. So, instead of popping up a tablet, try using these simple remedies to treat your condition in a simpler and quicker way. Add it to your tea or meals to stay healthy…..

Clove (Laung): Herbal Spice with Many Health Benefits

Laung or Clove is a very refreshing ingredient of your kitchen. It is a vital herbal spice in the Indian kitchens for flavor, aroma and also for its medicinal properties.

Clove Laung Benefits

This aromatic herbal spice imbibes amazing properties which can help us deal with our tiny ailments at home or can serve as a first-aid.

Health Benefits of Clove or Laung

Acidity: Due to its cooling nature, it is very helpful in curtailing acidity bouts. You can prepare a combination of laung, mishri and elaichi and consume it whenever you experience an acidity bout.

Dental care: It is known for its anti-bacterial property. You can prepare herbal manjan (tooth powder) with laung, majuphal, neem, saindha namak etc. Using a laung-based manjan relieves toothache and gum swelling, prevent bad odor and impart freshness to the oral cavity and strength to the gums.

Woman teeth

Nausea: Taking a few pinches of laung powder along with honey brings down the nausea and restlessness.

Cough: It can be given in combination with sonth, peepal, baheda, elaichi etc. to treat cough.

Clove for cold

Headache: A simple application of laung powder mixed in water to the forehead pacifies the headache.

Joint pain: Applying a paste of laung to the joint will relieve the pain.

Swelling in the throat: Gargling with the decoction of laung brings down the swelling in the throat.

Fever: Keeping laung and kapur in a muslin cloth when suffering from fever prevents infection.

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Get in Shape with Post Pregnancy or Jaape ke Laddus

How to get back in shape after pregnancy???? This one question haunts all the women post pregnancy.

Post Pregnancy Jaape ke LadduSince ages, the experienced women of the family have been giving the post-delivery care to the new mother assuring health and stamina to her. They make sure to include JAAPE KE LADDU in her diet to expel the toxins which accumulate during her gestational period. Jaape ke Ladoos

Presently, this tradition is still prevailing in small towns and villages. Due to busy lifestyles and lack of knowledge, people in city aren’t able to provide proper post-delivery care to the mother. Keeping this requirement and necessity in mind, Gyan Herbal Home brings you Jaape Ke Laddu which are a wonderful Ayurvedic combination for the new mothers to clean their system and get back in shape.

Each laddu contains the properties of sonth (satva), supari, ajwain, kamarkas gond, jaiphal, laung, javitri, makhaane, ghee, bura etc. in the base of wheat flour. All these ingredients come with properties that effectively support the health of the newly mother. Jaape ke laddu spices

Benefits of post-delivery consumable JAAPE KE LADDU

  • Builds stamina in the newly mother.
  • Flushes out the toxins accumulated during the 9-months duration.
  • Helps in putting the female back in shape in a natural way.

Consumption guidelines

It is ideal to consume these laddus under the guidance of experienced women or Ayurvedic physicians. They can be consumed for approximately 40 days after the delivery. For those, who get operated under Cesarean section, must seek advice to when to start these laddus.

Note: These laddus are available only on prior order.

So, gift health to the newly mother by presenting her with these laddus.

Stay Healthy with the Herbal Appetizer Trikatu

Trikatu is a classical combination proposed by Ayurveda scholars which can be used in various health conditions. It is a combination of three famous Indian spices viz.

  • Sonth (Shunthi /Dry Ginger)    Trikatu Sonth
  • Peepal (Pippali /Long Pepper) Trikatu peepal
  • Kalimirch (Maricha /Black Pepper) Trikatu Kalimirch

All three spices when taken together in equal quantity are named as Trikatu – A pungent trio. It is a very powerful combination and an amazing herbal appetizer. Here are a few uses quoted below.

Everyday Uses of Trikatu for Healthier Living

  • Respiratory ailments: It is used in cough and cold, running nose etc. It can be taken with honey or warm water to recover from seasonal cold. Girl in winter clothing sneezing
  • Weight management: It is known for its efficacy in obesity. It digests the toxins, enhances digestion and reduces fat. Blend it with Danamethi, Dalchini and other herbs to make a perfect combination.
  • Indigestion: It is taken with warm water for indigestion. This helps in kindling the digestive fire.
  • Flatulence: It clears the gaseous collection within the GIT thereby helping relieve the discomfort.

Due to its digestive property, this combination is mixed with other herbs in various conditions to potentiate results. You can add it to your curries and sabzis and enjoy a healthy digestive meal.

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Wonderful Health Benefits of SONTH or DRIED GINGER as HERB

Sonth or Dried Ginger is widely used in our kitchens. It adds flavor to our regular simple veggies. This aromatic herb can be used orally as well as for application purposes for various health benefits.

Dry Ginger

Though sonth has multiple uses in various health conditions, a few common and easy methods to use it are discussed below.

  1. Indigestion: This is used with salt to treat indigestion, flatulence, heaviness of the abdomen. It can relieve you from all these problems.
  2. Joint pain: Combine it with danamethi powder, amahaldi powder, gangri powder etc. and have it for relief from joint pains.
  3. Post delivery care: It is traditionally used in laddus. These laddus help in cleansing the system and imparting strength and stamina post pregnancy.
  4. Cough and cold: It is used with honey to treat cough and cold. Sonth for Heart
  5. Tea partner: It is commonly added in tea along with dalchini powder and jaiphal powder as chai masala. This adds a lingering flavor to the tea and moreover, keeps the gut healthy and warm during winters.
  6. Headache: Sonth powder can be prepared into paste and applied to the forehead in headache.

Gyan Herbal Home provides you sonth in ready-to-use powder form. So, now you can prepare your own combinations without any hassles. This wonderful herb keeps you healthy and fit by helping you get relief from various issues.

Danamethi (Fenugreek Seeds): The Divine Ayurvedic Herb

Danamethi or Fenugreek seeds have a special place amongst all the other spices of the kitchen. These mustard-colored seeds have been a secret ingredient for the richness in curries and kadhis in Indian delicacies. They are used regularly in the Indian houses for flavor and for health purpose.

Danamethi Fenugreek Seeds

Uses of Danamethi Herb in Various Health Problems:

This peculiarly aromatic drug is known to possess the property to strengthen the intestines. It also helps in keeping the bowel clean and imparts general body strength. Apart from these basic characteristics of danamethi, disease-specific uses are described below.

  1. Diabetes: Danamethi is widely used by almost all the diabetics. This helps in controlling the blood sugar level and the weakness in a diabetes patient. Danamethi powder can be mixed with jamun guthli powder, karela powder, neem patra powder, bilva patra powder and other anti-diabetic powders for better results.
  2. Joint pain: It can be used along with ajwain powder, sonth powder and amahaldi/haldi powder in a condition like this. If pain is associated with swelling, then application of danamethi powder mixed with water to the affected joint is beneficial. Dana methi for joint pain
  3. Post delivery: Traditionally, laddus are prepared from danamethi seeds and given to the females after the delivery. They promote strength and digestion in them.
  4. Hair wash: It is mixed with other hair growth promoting herbs like amvala powder, bhrangraj powder, jatamansi powder etc. for hair wash. Also, hair packs of danamethi prepared in water or curd are used for hair conditioning and to prevent hair fall.
  5. Weight management: It can e used with ajwain powder and/or kalijiri powder for effective management of weight.

From ages this spice has been into use and has registered effective results under its title. If you are interested in buying finely processed quality packing of danamethi from anywhere in India then you can purchase it from Gyan Herbal Home. Click on the link and shop it now

Health Benefits of HALDI and AMAHALDI

Amahaldi and Haldi are sister herbs which have been used in kitchen as spices. Traditionally, people prepare pickles from these fresh herbs. Apart from adding flavor and color to the food, they also possess medicinal properties.

Turmeric root and powder

Amahaldi can be used as a substitute to Haldi when unavailable. Their properties are almost similar.

  • Blood purifier
  • Wonderful healing property
  • Effective anti-biotic
  • Digestive

Haldi and Amahaldi Formulae for Medical Conditions

There are a few combinations which can be used for various health conditions.

  1. Joint pain: Amahaldi or haldi can be used with gangri powder, danamethi powder or ashwagandha
  2. Diabetes: Haldi can be used with amvala powder and honey.
  3. Wounds: They can be used individually with milk to help bear the pain. Also, an external application over the wound by mixing with water is effective.
  4. Skin glow: They can be mixed with nagarmotha powder, belgiri powder, besan for face packs and body scrubs.Turmeric Face Mask
  5. Itching: Either of them can be used as an external application.

Apart from the above mentioned conditions, these herbs are used vividly for various purposes.

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Health Benefits of BLACK PEPPER or Kalimirch

Black pepper or Kalimirch is used vastly all over the world. This commonly available spice is regularly used in Indian kitchens to add flavor and richness to delicious curries, aromatic pulaaos, steaming cup of teas and many more. This is used directly or in pounded or in powdered form, as required. It is not merely a flavorful ingredient but it also helps in easy digestion of the heavy-to-digest delicacies.

Kalimirch Black Pepper

Health Properties of Kalimirch

This spice is known to incorporate other medicinal properties too. Apart from a good digestive, it has

  • Anti-biotic properties
  • Flatulence reliever
  • Effective in pulmonary conditions

Home Remedies Using Black Pepper

The various combinations that can be prepared in your kitchen using black pepper are advocated below.

  1. Cough: Kalimirch powder with honey and ghee in unequal quantities is an effective combination for cough. Black Pepper in cough n cold
  2. Cold: In long standing condition of cold, the kalimirch powder can be taken with jaggery and curd at room temperature.
  3. Dandruff: The powder of kalimirch can be mixed with curd at room temperature and applied to the scalp to treat dandruff. This is a superb hair mask for conditioning.
  4. Toothache: Prepare decoction using black pepper and then use it to gargle. It is effective in relieving toothache.
  5. Indigestion: It can be used along with asafetida (Hing) and saindha namak. This helps in digestion and also clears the gaseous distention.

You can use this spice at your own convenience. It is an important ingredient to the Indian Garam Masala. Though, kalimirch is used for many purposes, but only a few uses pertaining to common problems are mentioned here. You can get this spice in a ready-to-use form at Gyan Herbal Home.

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