Bilva: Ayurvedic Herb with Multiple Health Benefits

Bilva tree has always held a special place in Hindu culture. Both, mythologically and traditionally, this tree secures a vital place and owing to its significance, the tree is considered sacred and worshipped. Although, all the parts of the tree are used for some or the other purpose, here we will discuss mainly the two important parts namely, Bilva patra and Belgiri.

Bilva Patra

The leaves are known for its medicinal property in Ayurveda apart from being offered to Lord Shiva.    Bilva

Diabetes: The powder of the leaves can be mixed with the powders of danamethi, jamun guthli, karela, gudmar and other anti-diabetic herbs. A teaspoon of the combination can be taken on empty stomach twice a day. Bilva patra diabetes

Swelling and wound: Application of bilva patra powder mixed with water over the swollen or wounded area is effective in both –bringing down the swelling and healing the wound.

Belgiri (fruit pulp)

This has miraculous results in various intestinal conditions. It imparts strength to the intestines. Bilva Fruit

Intestinal ulcer: Owing to its healing property, belgiri is used with herbs like mulathi and mishri. This helps in bringing down the pain and recovering from the wound.

Amoebiasis: It has proved its efficiency in treating amoebiasis. It helps in digestion, reduces the cramps and clears the bowel.

Diarrhea: Bilva diarrheaIt can be taken with curd to arrest the frequency.

This herb is potentiated because of its religious value. Therefore, draw the benefits of this herb and stay healthy.

Effective Medication for Diabetes with Gudmar

GUDMAR is a very interesting Indian herb. As the name suggests, ‘Gud’ meaning jaggery or sweet and ‘mar’ meaning to end, in short, Gudmar means something which cuts off the sweet taste.  GudmarAttributing to this special property, the title of MADHUNASHINI is also given to this drug.

Health Benefits of Gudmar

Gudmar leaves are widely used for medicinal purpose. The consumption of this herb, arrests the perception of taste. A few uses are mentioned below.


Gudmar DiabetesThis herb is very famous among diabetics. The reason is its property to counter the sweetness and kapha dosha (fun  ctional entity of body). It can be taken with honey or with plain milk on empty stomach. Also, a combination of powders of gudmar patra, jamun guthli, danamethi, bilva patra, neem patra and karela can be taken on empty stomach.

Wound or Swelling

Application of a paste prepared from the powder of gudmar patra is very effective in these conditions.

Productive/ Wet Cough: Gudmar Cough

¼ teaspoon of the gudmar can be taken with the honey or sugar candy twice a day. This will melt down the phlegm and clear the channels.

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Amazing Herbal Home Remedies Using GILOY

Giloy, also called as Guduchi (classically), is a divine herb. It has been praised and appreciated in the classics of Ayurveda for magnificent health benefits.


This herb is known for its efficacy in multiple conditions –

  • Infective fevers like malaria, seasonal fevers;
  • Liver disorders like jaundice, fatty liver;
  • Intestinal problems like amoebiasis, indigestion;
  • Skin ailments like eczema, impurities in blood;
  • Endocrinal diseases like Diabetes;
  • Urinary diseases

Home Remedies Using Giloy in Different Diseases

Apart from the mentioned conditions, this herb is very effective in the diseases mentioned below. Read on to find easy to prepare home remedy combinations for natural treatments:

  • Liver disorder: Combination of giloy, kutki and triphala can be given.
  • Fever: Giloy powder with triphala churna and honey can be administered to treat fever.Giloy Fever
  • Jaundice: Giloy can be given with honey in jaundice.
  • Indigestion: Giloy, laung and dalchini powders can be prepared into a decoction. It can be taken thrice a day. This combination improves digestion.
  • Skin ailments: Powder of giloy, khair, neem patra, amvala and haldi can be mixed and given to cure skin ailments like itching, burning sensation and rashes. It is a very effective depurative.
  • Diabetes: Giloy with neem patra, jamun guthli, gudmar, karela helps in maintaining sugar levels.
  • General tonic: The benefit of this herb is that even healthy individuals can consume it. It promotes general health and boosts immunity.

There are infinite uses of this herb but only a few are mentioned here. So get your pack at Gyan Herbal Home.

Herbs That Are Best For Diabetes Patients

Diabetes is a slow killer. It gradually damages the vital organs of the body. Looking into its serious consequences, it is important to include anti-diabetic herbs in your routine as a supplement and also as a precautionary treatment to avoid the complications of this disease.


Useful Indian Herbs For Treating Diabetes

Though there are innumerous herbs to fight diabetes but depending on the availability and their assured results, a few of them have been mentioned below.

Danamethi Dana methi for diabetes

This very familiar Ayurvedic herb is highly used by diabetics because of its popularity. Fenugreek seeds help improve digestion thereby allowing lesser accumulation of the toxins in the body. It is also effective in weakness.

Neem Patra curry leaves

The anti-biotic property of Neem Patra is known to all. It purifies the blood. This also helps in subsiding skin ailments which are prevalent in diabetes.

Bilva Patra

Bilva Patra has proven its efficacy in diabetes and also is known to be effective in swelling.

Jamun Guthali Jamun Gut hli for Diabetes_

Jamun Seed is most commonly advised herb for diabetes. Apart from controlling the increased sugar levels, this herb is an effective liver tonic. It improves body stamina.


This herb in itself defines its purpose. Gud means sweet and mar means alleviate. In simple words, Gudmar is a herb which alleviates excessive or not needed sweetness in the system.

Karela Karela for diabetes

This herb is consumed mostly in a vegetable form. Due to its bitterness and blood-cleansing property, it helps in diabetes.


Kutki is a wonderful liver tonic; it not only controls diabetes but also cleanses the gut and expels the unwanted contents from the body.


Chirayata is known for its blood purification property. It is commonly used in combination with kutki.

All the above mentioned herbs are bitter in taste which is essential to treat this ailment. Also, it is advised not to use single herbs but a combination for better results.

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Fight Joint Pains with Ayurvedic Danamethi Laddus

Danamethi or Fenugreek is a very popular herb in Indian kitchen. It is widely used in Rajasthan. Commonly, it is used as a spice to add a particular flavor to our curries.

Fenugreek Seeds

As a general trend, people use this Ayurvedic herb to keep their gut healthy and digestion strong which helps them in keeping away lots of the health troubles.

Owing to this very important property of Danamethi, we introduce you the DANAMETHI LADDU, a healthy and wholesome traditional Indian sweet which promises amazing benefits to your health. Danamethi Laddu

Gyan Herbal Home excels the art of preparing this wonderful laddus by adding danamethi in wheat flour along with binding agents like jaggery(gud), ghee and appetizers like kalimirch, sonth, haldi etc.

Health Benefits of Danamethi Laddu

  • It strengthens the bone and muscle tissues thereby fighting degenerative joint pains. Therefore, it is ideal for aged people. Have it in winters and keep your joints free from all the pain. If your mother, father or any other elderly person in your family is suffering from severe joint pains, include these laddus in their diet for amazing results. Danamethi Laddu Joint Pains
  • Also it is very effective in keeping the digestion healthy and intact.
  • It alleviates weakness and promotes stamina and strength.
  • It clears the bowel.

Consumption Guidelines

Danamethi LadooYou can consume one laddu morning and night before going to bed with warm milk. It ensures a clean bowel next morning and ensures high energies.

Make sure you do not consume anything cold for at least 45mins after the consumption of these laddus.

This laddu is ideal for use in winters only.

So, enjoy the benefits of Danamethi Laddu and ensure health along with great taste.

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Strengthen Your Liver with Gwarpatha (Aloe Vera) Laddus

We all have heard about amazing health benefits of Aloe vera, a popular herb. It is used extensively all over the world for its health and cosmetic value.

Aloe vera Laddu

We present you this herb in a unique form- Laddus…. Gwarpatha (Aloe vera) Laddu is an exclusive preparation by Gyan Herbal Home available in winters only.

Health Properties of Aloe Vera:

We are aware with the properties of Aloe vera like:

  • Liver tonic
  • Strengthens the digestive apparatus
  • Promotes the synthesis of blood and purifies it
  • Beneficial in diabetes
  • Gwarpatha Laddu

Benefits of Gwarpatha Ladoos:

Owing to the properties of Aloe vera, the benefits of Gwarpatha Laddu are mentioned below

  • It incorporates the properties mentioned above
  • It is very beneficial to old people
  • It helps in maintaining the weight
  • It brings down the bodily swelling (if any)

This laddu is prepared in the wheat flour base and aloe vera and is flavored with ajwain, ashwagandha, peepal, bura etc. These herbal laddus are an amazing blend of taste and nutrition.

Consumption Guidelines

One laddu morning and evening with lukewarm milk is recommended.

Make sure you do not consume anything cold for at least 45mins after the consumption of these laddus.

Gwarpatha Laddu is an ideal combination of herbs according to the season. So, satisfy your taste buds with this rare variety of herbal laddu.

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How About Some Flaxseed Laddus for Healthier Body?

Alsi beej, popular as Flaxseeds, have become very popular in the society in recent times. They have been extensively used for their utility in controlling cholesterol, diabetes and blood pressure. Apart from these qualities, flaxseeds are health promoting.

Heap of flax seeds in vintage wooden spoon

Gyan Herbal Home brings you flaxseeds in unique and healthier form for everyday use. We bring them to you as herbal laddus which are ideal for consumption in winter season.

Alsi Herbal Flaxseeds Laddu

Alsi laddus contain the richness of alsi seeds with wheat flour as the base along with rich Indian spices like kalimirch, laung, saunf, jaiphal, peepa mixed with bura, ghee etc.

Health Benefits of Alsi Laddus

  • These laddus are nutritious and are a very good seasonal health supplement.
  • They are beneficial in promoting the stamina and strength of the body.
  • They are helpful in relieving joint pain and cardiac ailments. Alsi Cholestrol
  • They are effective in health conditions like diabetes and blood pressure.

Consumption guidelines

One herbal laddu morning and one ladoo in evening with warm milk is an ideal diet. The quantity of laddu can vary depending on one’s digestive capacity.

These laddus are ideal for winter consumption only.

So, bring these nutritional herbal mouth-watering laddus home and enjoy a healthy winters.

A word of caution: Make sure you do not consume anything cold on these ladoos. Also, Diabetics and Hypertensives should seek an Ayurvedic physician’s guidance before use.

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AMVALA : Herb with Multiple Health Benefits

Amvala/ Amla or Indian Gooseberry is the most popular herb. This Ayurvedic herb imbibes a vast range of properties which attributes to its extensive popularity.

Amvala or Gooseberry

It can be used both internally and externally….. individually and in combination.

External Uses of Amla:

  • Hair wash: It is used for hair wash in combination with ritha, shikakai and other herbs. Amvala Hair pack
  • Hair coloring: It acts a natural dye when used with mehandi, bhrangraj, shikakai
  • Hair packs: A combination of Amvala along with bhrangraj, shikakai, danamethi, jatamansi, nagarmotha, mehandi can be used as hair pack or mask to strengthen the hair roots and to improve the hair texture.
  • Eye wash: As an eye cleanser, it can be used with baheda and harad to wash the eyes. Triphala Jawkutt (coarse powder of Triphala) is available for eye wash purposes.

Internally Uses of Amvala:

Though, Amvala can be used for innumerable purposes, only the most common uses are mentioned below

  • Acidity: Amvala powder and mishri powder can be used in combination for those who are victim to acidity. Amla Juice
  • Diabetes: It can be used along with other anti-diabetic herbs to maintain the sugar levels.
  • Low Hemoglobin: Due to its richness in vitamin-C, it is beneficial to those who have low hemoglobin count.
  • Hair Nourishment: It strengthens, nourishes and tones the hair when consumed internally.
  • Rejuvinative: Amvala can be used by all as a general health supplement to maintain immunity and stamina.

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Dalchini: Manage Weight with This Herb

Dalchini or Cinnamon bark is an aromatic flavorsome medicinal herb. This amazing Ayurvedic herb has been known for its cosmetic and remedial values. It not just adds a flavorsome dimension to the food but also benefits the body in a wonderful way.

Cinnamon sticks

Health Benefits of Dalchini or Cinnamon

  1. Joint Pain: It is helpful in reducing pain in the joints. It can be consumed individually or in combination with other joint pain relieving drugs like danamethi powder, amahaldi powder, ajwain powder etc.
  2. Cholesterol: It is known to reduce the cholesterol levels especially LDL, commonly known as the bad cholesterol. Thus, manages high blood pressure due to cholesterol.Cinnamon Tea
  3. Diabetes: Dalchini powder is a good choice to regulate blood sugar.
  4. Complexion Enhancer: You can prepare a natural face scrub by mixing it with lemon juice, plain yogurt and banana puree. This herbal face-pack smoothes the skin and enhances the complexion.
  5. Pimples and Blemishes: Mix Dalchini powder with honey and apply it as a mask on face. Leave it for 10-15mins and then rinse it with water for getting skin free from pimples and blemishes.
  6. Digestion: You can add it to your tea or milk for their better digestion. It is used in Indian kitchens as an important Indian spice to make food richer in taste and healthier to consume.

So avail the benefits of this drug which is available at Gyan Herbal Home in a ready-to-use processed packing in various sizes.

A word of caution: Consuming mild doses of dalchini is recommended.

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Control Your Diabetes With Right Lifestyle and Food

Yes you read that right. You can actually make a big difference to your diabetic condition with right guidance on food and lifestyle.

Diabetes Herbs

As discussed in the previous article, Diabetes is a lifestyle disorder resulting from improper food and routine practices. Therefore, solely medicines cannot help this condition. Here is a general course of guidance based on Ayurveda which a diabetic can adopt for healthier living.

Diet Tips for a Diabetic Person

  • Avoid maida based food articles like bakery items.
  • Do not consume jaggery and its derivatives.
  • Do not have curd and delicacies prepared with it.
  • Avoid sugarcane, dates, meat, mangoes.
  • Carbohydrate rich diet like rice, banana must also be avoided.
  • Prefer barley, wheat, green-gram preparations.
  • Buttermilk and bitter-gourd are healthy options that can be included in the diet.
  • Always go for freshly cooked food.

Lifestyle Tips for a Diabetic Person

  • Give up on a sedentary lifestyle. Doing your daily chores is a great idea.
  • Avoid sleeping during day time especially after meal.
  • Exercise or walk according to your stamina. Do not overdo as it can be damaging.
  • Avoid working immediately after meals. No physical exertion after food.
  • Avoid traveling long distances and suppression of natural urges.

Healthy Herbs for a Diabetic PersonDiabetes Diet 

By consuming the right herbs in your meals or in your medication, you can actually keep your diabetes under control. Go natural to live healthier.

  • Danamethi: Fenugreek is a very common house remedy suggested by everyone in India. It helps in treating madhumeha and also is effective in improving digestion and relieving joint pains.
  • Gudmar, Karela, Jamun Guthali, Bilva Patra: These are a few Indian herbs that are anti-diabetic drugs which help control the sugar levels and also impart strength and stamina to the body.
  • Neem Patra, Kutki, Chirayata: They not only strengthen the liver but also clean the blood, improve digestion and control diabetes.
  • Vijayasara: It’s a tree bark which is known for its efficacy in madhumeha.

These are a few drugs for diabetes which preferably should be taken in a combination, to procure results under the guidance of an Ayurvedic physician.

You can write to me at for any guidance or doubts and you can have shop these herbs at GYAN HERBAL HOME.