Multiple Health Benefits of BAHEDA

Baheda, known as Vibhitaki in Sanskrit, is a very popular herb. It is one of the ingredients of famous classical combination Triphala.

Classically, this herb has been described in Ayurveda as:

विभीतकं स्वादुपाकं कषायं कफपित्तनुत्। उष्णवीर्यं हिमस्पर्शं भेदनं कासनाशनम्।।

रुक्षं नेत्रहितं केश्यं कृमिवैस्वर्यनाशनम्। (भा.प्र.)

Baheda is bitter to taste and pacifies pitta and kapha dosha

It is dry and ushna (warm in potency)

Helps in clearing bowel Baheda constipation

Triphala which has Baheda as an ingredient is an effective purgative. Apart from Triphala, many effective purgation-inducing combinations contain Baheda along with other herbs like isabgol, sanay, harad, amvala etc.

Effective in cough and hoarseness of voice  Baheda cough

It can be administered in small repetitive doses with plain or lukewarm water. In case of congestion, baheda along with saindha namak can be given. Baheda decoction can be prepared and can be used for gargling.

Benefits to Eyes and Hair Baheda eye

  1. For eyes: Externally as an eye wash, decoction of Triphala is used. An application of baheda paste can be applied around the eyes to draw the benefits.
  2. For hair: Externally, it can be used as a hair pack or hairwash along with ritha, amvala, shikakai, nagarmotha, jatamansi It imparts color and conditions the hair.

A regular intake of triphala churna along with unequal quantity of ghee and honey is beneficial both to the eyes and hair.


It is advisable in intestinal worms and can be locally applied to an infective wound.

So make this wonderful herb a part of your simple home remedies and avail the benefits naturally.

Common Practices that Complicate Constipation

Constipation has become quite a common problem these days and there are various common but wrong practices to fight constipation due to which the desired results aren’t achieved and we fall in the vicious cycle of constipation.


Wrong Practices to Fight Constipation

Here are a few common practices which we do and need a correction.


  • Consuming warm water with honey and lemon for clear bowels is not very healthy. If you wish to continue this, then replace warm water with plain water. Constipation Lemon
  • Drinking glasses of water immediately after getting up from bed should be discontinued. Intake of a glass of plain water is sufficient.
  • If you’re in a habit of taking hot water, then replace it with lukewarm water.


  • Consuming plain salads for rich fiber content must be garnished with salt and lemon. Constipation Salad
  • Consume warm milk instead of hot milk or cold milk. Avoid addition of coffee or any other such strong flavors to the milk.
  • Regular intake of Isabgol only, will not give satisfactory results. Therefore, it is ideal to mix it with other herbs for better results.
  • Avoiding Ghee. People who are fond of food high on spices must include ghee in their diet.


  • Excessive walking to keep the gut healthy must to be reduced to the stamina which permits it. Constipation excessive walking
  • Staying awake late at night disturbs the body clock. Therefore, “early to bed and early to rise” principle should be adopted.

These simple changes in your practices ensure results. So, if you follow any of these wrong practices then correct them and stay healthy.

Cure Stomach Problems with AMALTAS

We all witness lush yellow flowers on trees this season. Those beautiful trees are none other than the Amaltas trees. This tree holds amazing medicinal value. Although, all the parts of this tree are used medicinally, the focus will be the pods. These pods contain pulp which is considered very healthy.

Amaltas Pods

The pulp of Amaltas is effective in multiple health conditions and has been widely used in the classical and folklore practices. The pulp is laxative in nature.

Amaltas Pulp Herbal Combination

Amaltas Pods HerbIt is quite a simple formation. You can mix the pulp along with various digesting herbs mainly sanay patra, saindha namak and nimbu ras, which together acts as herbal Ayurvedic laxative. Here are some conditions in which this combination is very effective:

  • Helps in detoxifying the gastrointestinal tract
  • Brings down the swellings and joint pains
  • Curbs flatulence, abdominal pain
  • Clears constipation
  • Eliminates the excessive systemic heat Young beautiful woman is having stomach ache.

All these properties of merely the pulp can cure so many ailments. This amazing herb can be given in various other combinations in many other diseases.

It is always ideal to make use of the herb under the guidance of an Ayurvedic physician to get optimum results. You can find these pods in ready to use form at Gyan Herbal Home.


Why Usage of Ghee is Important as per Ayurveda?

Ghee is an integral part of a wholesome Indian food. But off lately, the prevailing myths about ghee have resulted into its minimal or no use. Ghee is given a step-motherly treatment in today’s India where it was lavishly used and surprisingly the cholesterol levels were never so high back then what are now despite no ghee intake. Herbal Ghee


Absolutely, we need to change our perception towards ghee by not considering it merely a saturated fat. Ghee is very essential for our body to function properly. For this very reason, Ayurveda has always promoted the use of ghee for reasons mentioned below.

Boon in Acidity

Ghee in foodGhee helps in reducing acidity by forming a line on the stomach wall and preventing the irritation. Make sure you add it to your daal or chapatti to enjoy a regular healthy intake in your daily diet.

Promotes Digestion

It promotes the digestive fire thereby helping you to digest your food properly. Also, a good digestion relieves the complaint of constipation which is quite a common problem these days, especially in winters.

Helpful in Joint Pains

In degenerative joint pains, it is essential to ensure regular intake of Ghee as it strengthens the bone and supporting tissues.

Good for Vision

Ghee for eyesGhee is a preventive and also a curative aid to deteriorating vision. For clear vision and healthier eyes, it can be taken with triphala powder. Now you know why most of the kids these days have poor eyesight…their poor intake of ghee.

Promotes Mental Faculties

Ghee for brainGhee is very helpful in promoting learning, retaining and memorizing. Therefore, it keeps your child’s brain sharp and active. Ensure you supplement your child with optimum quantity of ghee.

Immunity Booster

Ghee is known to be a wonderful immunity booster as it is helpful in curtailing infection. The tradition of conducting homas at home with lavish use of ghee has proved to keep environment healthy and positive. Lightening a ghee diya in house is a tradition which again promotes health.

External Usage

It has a cooling effect therefore its application on a scald or a burn prevents the formation of blisters.

Looking into these benefits of ghee, it is suggested that we all must include ghee in our daily routine for a healthier life rather keeping it at an arm’s distance.

Always Remember…

Prefer drinking lukewarm water over ghee instead of plain or cold water. People suffering from diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol must consult an Ayurvedic physician to draw the benefits from ghee.

Fight Joint Pains with Ayurvedic Danamethi Laddus

Danamethi or Fenugreek is a very popular herb in Indian kitchen. It is widely used in Rajasthan. Commonly, it is used as a spice to add a particular flavor to our curries.

Fenugreek Seeds

As a general trend, people use this Ayurvedic herb to keep their gut healthy and digestion strong which helps them in keeping away lots of the health troubles.

Owing to this very important property of Danamethi, we introduce you the DANAMETHI LADDU, a healthy and wholesome traditional Indian sweet which promises amazing benefits to your health. Danamethi Laddu

Gyan Herbal Home excels the art of preparing this wonderful laddus by adding danamethi in wheat flour along with binding agents like jaggery(gud), ghee and appetizers like kalimirch, sonth, haldi etc.

Health Benefits of Danamethi Laddu

  • It strengthens the bone and muscle tissues thereby fighting degenerative joint pains. Therefore, it is ideal for aged people. Have it in winters and keep your joints free from all the pain. If your mother, father or any other elderly person in your family is suffering from severe joint pains, include these laddus in their diet for amazing results. Danamethi Laddu Joint Pains
  • Also it is very effective in keeping the digestion healthy and intact.
  • It alleviates weakness and promotes stamina and strength.
  • It clears the bowel.

Consumption Guidelines

Danamethi LadooYou can consume one laddu morning and night before going to bed with warm milk. It ensures a clean bowel next morning and ensures high energies.

Make sure you do not consume anything cold for at least 45mins after the consumption of these laddus.

This laddu is ideal for use in winters only.

So, enjoy the benefits of Danamethi Laddu and ensure health along with great taste.

We offer ready to eat range of Danamethi Laddus which have been prepared keeping in mind the health benefits. To order your pack of sweets, email us at

TRIPHALA: Beneficial Ayurvedic Medicine for Healthier Gut

Triphala is a wonderful combination which has been used from ages and is easily available in the market. Owing to its properties, triphala is available in different proportions and form due to its extensive utility in various conditions.


It is a classical, authentic and time-tested combination of three fruits viz. Haritaki (Harad), Vibhitaki (Baheda) and Amalaki (Amvala). These three herbs are mixed either in an equal or in a 1:2:4 ratio or in a ratio of 1:2:3. The benefits of these are nearly same. The coarse powder of Triphala is also in use which is for external purpose and is available in the markets with name “Triphala Jawkutt”.

Health Benefits and Uses of Triphala

  • Constipation: Some people have it religiously to treat constipation. If you are suffering from constipation, you can also have it at bedtime.
  • Strengthens the gut: Triphala strengthens the intestines. Therefore, it can be used on a regular basis.
  • For weight management: This Ayurvedic combination can also be taken with honey for weight management as it is a healthy cleanser. Measuring tape around slim beautiful waist.
  • For an improved eyesight: It can be taken to benefit the eyes. Three-forth teaspoon of Triphala can be mixed with 1 teaspoon of honey and ¼ teaspoon of ghee ( an unequal quantity). This combination can be taken regularly provided there are no other ailments.  Triphala for eyes
  • As an eye wash: Triphala jawkutt is prepared into a liquid by adding it to the warm water and later on sieving it. This finely sieved medicated water then can be used for eye wash in a very lukewarm state.
  • Rejuvenation: This is a tonic to the body. Therefore, it is ideal for consumption for all.

Apart from these general uses, triphala covers a broad spectrum of diseases. It can also be used in skin and hair problems, fever, diabetes and many such health conditions.

This widely used combination is available in all the three forms viz. Triphala, Triphala 1:2:4 and Triphala Jawkutt at Gyan Herbal Home in high quality.

Stay Healthy with the Herbal Appetizer Trikatu

Trikatu is a classical combination proposed by Ayurveda scholars which can be used in various health conditions. It is a combination of three famous Indian spices viz.

  • Sonth (Shunthi /Dry Ginger)    Trikatu Sonth
  • Peepal (Pippali /Long Pepper) Trikatu peepal
  • Kalimirch (Maricha /Black Pepper) Trikatu Kalimirch

All three spices when taken together in equal quantity are named as Trikatu – A pungent trio. It is a very powerful combination and an amazing herbal appetizer. Here are a few uses quoted below.

Everyday Uses of Trikatu for Healthier Living

  • Respiratory ailments: It is used in cough and cold, running nose etc. It can be taken with honey or warm water to recover from seasonal cold. Girl in winter clothing sneezing
  • Weight management: It is known for its efficacy in obesity. It digests the toxins, enhances digestion and reduces fat. Blend it with Danamethi, Dalchini and other herbs to make a perfect combination.
  • Indigestion: It is taken with warm water for indigestion. This helps in kindling the digestive fire.
  • Flatulence: It clears the gaseous collection within the GIT thereby helping relieve the discomfort.

Due to its digestive property, this combination is mixed with other herbs in various conditions to potentiate results. You can add it to your curries and sabzis and enjoy a healthy digestive meal.

This effective classical combination is available at Gyan Herbal Home in pure form. You can buy your own packet right away.

Lifestyle Tips and Herbal Combinations for Constipation

A fresh start to the morning keeps us fit, light and energetic all day. But with random, unwholesome and unhealthy eating practices, one may end up with CONSTIPATION. Since, a clear morning bowel ensures a healthy gut, it is essential to get relieved of constipation. The effective combinations to regulate bowels are given here.


Herbal Combinations to Deal with Constipation

  1. Triphala powder: This classical combination has been used since ages to deal with constipation effectively. Moreover, it has additional benefits to the system other than just being a laxative.
  2. Sanaya powder: This powder can be mixed with a larger quantity of mishri powder and a moderate quantity of mulathi powder to overcome constipation.
  3. Isabgol powder: The psyllium husk can be taken with warm milk at night time for constipation. Psyllium husks
  4. Harad (Choti) powder: This powder can be taken with lukewarm water to clear bowels.

Lifestyle Tips to Deal with Constipation

Along with the herbal medicines, ensure a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Fibrous diet

  1. Consume fibrous diet for better digestion.
  2. Avoid maida They are tough to digest.
  3. Ensure an optimum intake of water to keep your system hydrated.
  4. Avoid excessive intake of tea and zero intake of ghee.
  5. Eat meals at decent hour of the day. Avoid late night munching.
  6. Avoid sedentary lifestyle. Prefer walking a few steps after every meal to help it digest.
  7. Practice pranayama as it regulates the bowel cycle.
  8. Prefer getting up early in the morning.

Bring about these simple changes and observe the results. You will feel fresh and light every day. For more suggestions or personalized consultation, you can mail me at