Health Benefits of Gokhru Chota & Gokhru Bada

We all have heard about Gokhru in Ayurvedic article and texts. It is an important Ayurvedic herb. There are majorly two types of gokhru viz., Gokhru (Chota) and Gokhru (Bada). Though their properties are same but usually, Gokhru (chota) is used in urinary and kidney disorders and Gokhru (bada) is used for aphrodisiac purpose.   Gokhru

Uses of Gokhru (Chota)

  • Blood in urine: It can be taken with milk added with sugar.
  • Obstruction in passage of urine: Tea like preparation can be used. A combination of gokhru (chota), kharaiti, kathaili and sonth powders are added to equal quantity of water and milk which is to be boiled till the water evaporates and only milk is left. Filter it and add jaggery to it. This will ensure smooth and swift flow of urine. Gokhru Kidney
  • Renal stone: It’s given with honey in kidney stones.
  • Pedal oedema: It can be taken with water. Frequent urination will bring down the swelling.
  • Burning sensation in urine: It can be mixed with mishri powder and taken with water. The cooling effect of this combination will bring down the burning sensation.

Uses of Gokhru (Bada)

  • Rejuvenative and Aphrodisiac: Combination of powders of gokhru (bada), giloy and amvala can be taken with milk morning and evening.
  • Erectile dysfunction: Its powder with ghee and sugar can be taken for this condition. The effect manifolds if warm milk is taken on it.
  • Backache: It can be taken with sonth Gokhru backache

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