BHRINGRAJ and Its Multiple Health Benefits

Bhringraj is a ladies-favorite herb for it promises beautiful hair locks. Although, this herb has multiple benefits but its efficacy to nourish hair has got it laurels.


केश्यस्त्वच्य: कृमिश्वासकासशोथपाण्डुनुत्। दन्त्यो रसायनो बल्य:कुष्ठनेत्रशिरो अर्तिनुत्।


It is said to be beneficial for hair and skin, cures worms, respiratory disorders like breathlessness and cough, swelling and anemia, good for teeth and eyes, is a rejuvenative, imparts strength and is effective in skin problems and headache.

Health Benefits of Bhrangraj

Hair tonic

Bhrangraj HairIt can be used both internally and externally for nourishment of hair. Internally, it can be taken individually or in combination with amvala, kale till, nagarmotha. Externally, it can be used in a hair pack combined with amvala, shikakai, jatamansi, multani, danamethi, baheda, harad etc. or as hair oil.

Liver tonic

This herb is a wonderful tonic to liver. It strengthens the liver thereby improves body metabolism. It can be taken with herbs like giloy, kutki etc. for potential benefits.


It can be given with honey.

Skin problems

Bhringraj skincare-problemsIt is also helpful in treating skin issues. An application of bhringraj along with mehndi reduces burning sensation and heals the wound faster.

Scorpion bite

Even in poisonous conditions like this, local application of this powder is beneficial. Also, decoction prepared from this herb is advised for intake or washing the site of bite.

Therefore, multiple health benefits can be gained from bhrangraj along with gorgeous beautiful hair. We provide you this herb in a ready-to-use form at our outlet. Get your pack now!!!

AMVALA : Herb with Multiple Health Benefits

Amvala/ Amla or Indian Gooseberry is the most popular herb. This Ayurvedic herb imbibes a vast range of properties which attributes to its extensive popularity.

Amvala or Gooseberry

It can be used both internally and externally….. individually and in combination.

External Uses of Amla:

  • Hair wash: It is used for hair wash in combination with ritha, shikakai and other herbs. Amvala Hair pack
  • Hair coloring: It acts a natural dye when used with mehandi, bhrangraj, shikakai
  • Hair packs: A combination of Amvala along with bhrangraj, shikakai, danamethi, jatamansi, nagarmotha, mehandi can be used as hair pack or mask to strengthen the hair roots and to improve the hair texture.
  • Eye wash: As an eye cleanser, it can be used with baheda and harad to wash the eyes. Triphala Jawkutt (coarse powder of Triphala) is available for eye wash purposes.

Internally Uses of Amvala:

Though, Amvala can be used for innumerable purposes, only the most common uses are mentioned below

  • Acidity: Amvala powder and mishri powder can be used in combination for those who are victim to acidity. Amla Juice
  • Diabetes: It can be used along with other anti-diabetic herbs to maintain the sugar levels.
  • Low Hemoglobin: Due to its richness in vitamin-C, it is beneficial to those who have low hemoglobin count.
  • Hair Nourishment: It strengthens, nourishes and tones the hair when consumed internally.
  • Rejuvinative: Amvala can be used by all as a general health supplement to maintain immunity and stamina.

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RITHA / SHIKAKAI / AMVALA : A natural herbal hair wash

Owing to the damages with chemical hair shampoos, the natural, herbal and safe hair wash agents are very much in demand.

Hair and Herbal Shampoo

The natural herbal hair wash combinations have been in use since ages as a part of traditional lifestyle or as a folklore practice. The proven efficacy of these natural herbs has generated the requirement in today’s era. Ritha-Shikakai-Amvala is a perfect option to cater our demand.

It is a combination of three herbs as the name suggests.

  • Ritha (Chilka) or Soappnut: Commonly known as Soap nut. It is the peel of the fruit of Ritha which produces froth with water and is a very good washing cleansing agent. Ritha for Hair
  • Shikakai: The fruit is used to wash hair and strengthen the hair roots. It alleviates dandruff and lice problems.
  • Amvala or Indian Gooseberry: This fruit is a wonderful hair tonic and a cooling agent too. It provides hair nutrition, strengthens the hair roots and tones the hair. Amvala or Gooseberry

Benefits of Ritha-Amla-Shikakai

  • This combination is natural and safe to use.
  • It nourishes the hair apart from cleaning them.
  • It strengthens the hair roots as it has no chemicals which weaken the hair roots.
  • It fights dandruff.

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Natural Hair Dyes and Diet Tips to Fight HAIR GRAYING

Early or pre-mature hair graying is becoming quite common now-a-days. Using chemical or ammonia based dyes can leave with all the more troublesome hair problems. Therefore, here are a few commonly used herbs and in-need-for-a-change routine suggestions to help you overcome this problem of graying in a healthier and natural way.

Hair Graying

Herbal Dyes for Natural and Organic Coloring

Herbs can be used externally as a hair pack or for hair wash purposes to reduce the hair gray.

  1. Amvala powder: This rich herb has been used for ages. It can be used in hair packs and also for hair dying.
  2. Bhrangraj powder: Bhrangraj powder can be used with amvala, amarbel, jatamansi, ratanjot, mehndi and may more for effective hair coloring.
  3. Ratanjot powder: This drug imparts natural color to hair when used in combination with other hair nourishing herbs.
  4. Mehndi powder: It is a well known and ages-old herb which colors and nourishes hair. It can be used individually or by adding other herbs to it for better results. It is used only externally. Herbal Hair Color Heena

Herbs can be taken internally too to fight hair graying. Absorption in better from within so make sure that along with external usage, you orally consume herbs for quicker and effective results.

  1. Amvala powder: Amvala can be consumed internally too. It not just assures healthy hair but also keeps the gut healthy.
  2. Bhrangraj powder: This herb can be used internally as well. The effects manifold when consumed orally.
  3. Kaale Til powder: The black sesame seeds are effective to control hair graying.

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Diet Tips to Prevent Hair Graying

The diet and lifestyle play an important role in effective results and quick recovery from any condition. Likewise, hair graying is no exception. A few significant changes must be brought by people suffering from early or pre-mature hair graying. Make sure you avoid the below said things.

  1. Consuming diet rich on spices
  2. Additional use of salt
  3. Staying awake late at nights
  4. Not massaging the scalp with oil regularly
  5. Using hot water for hair wash
  6. Gut-related ailments like constipation, liver disorders etc.

So, bring about these simple changes in your diet and routine. And also switch to natural hair coloring and nourishing remedies for effective results.

Tips on Dealing with DANDRUFF with these HERBS

Dandruff is one of the most common hair problem faced by all of us. The frequent scratching and flaky appearance on the scalp is very disappointing. Some of us have dry dandruff and some of us, oily dandruff. Depending on the dandruff type, the treatment varies.

Dandruff and Herbs

Tips on Treating Dandruff

Dry dandruff

  • Curd with amvala powder: It can be applied to the scalp. Keep it for half an hour and then rinse the scalp with plain water and later shampoo the hair. Curd is an effective conditioner. Make sure that the curd is of room temperature. Don’t apply curd which is immediately taken out of the fridge. Allow the liquid to drain out from the curd so that it stays in place without dripping. Curd for dandruff
  • Oiling: Regularly massage and oil your hair to provide them proper nourishment.
  • Say ‘no’ to shampoos: Avoid excessive or frequent shampooing of hair as they leave the scalp dry. If you wish to wash the hair frequently then ensure that you oil them well before shampooing. Moreover, using a herbal shampoo prepared with herbs is recommended. (Browse through complete range of herbs for hair Herbal Shampoo


Oily dandruff

  • Curd with kalimirch powder: A combination of curd with black pepper is to be applied to the scalp and rinse it off with plain water after half an hour. Later, you can shampoo your hair.
  • Neem patra powder: Decoction can be prepared out of neem patra Use it to wash the hair. This will prevent hair fall due to dandruff.
  • Natural shampoo: Regularly shampoo your hair with herbs like amvala powder, ritha powder, shikakai powder, bhrangraj powder, neem patra powder, danamethi powder, multani powder etc. A combination can be prepared from these natural hair-wash agents. (You can shop all these herbs online at )


Use these simple remedies to treat dandruff effectively. If you have any other hair problem, feel free to write me at and get rid of hair issues.


Magical Herbs That Promise Healthier Hair

Almost everyone is suffering from problems like hair fall, premature graying, split ends, lack of luster. All these hair problems are a result of unhealthy diet and lifestyle practices, pollution, stress, hectic schedules and of course harsh chemical shampoos. All these things have become such an integral part of our lifestyle that we find ourselves in a big fix.

Healthy Hair with Herbs
To help you come out of these hair problems, here is a list of Indian herbs which can transform your dull and damager hair into gorgeous, lustrous and healthy locks. They are recommended by Ayurvedic experts as they strengthen and nourish the roots and keep them healthy. Let us see what all herbs you can use to restore the beauty of your locks.
• Amvala (Indian Gooseberry): Nourishes hair and promotes growth
• Gurhal (Hibiscus): Smoothens and softens hair
• Ritha (Soapnut): Natural cleanser
• Shikakai (Acacia concinna): Nourishes hair
• Danamethi (Fenugreek): Conditions and softens hair
• Heena: Conditions and adds shine to hair
• Aloe vera gel: Conditions and adds luster to hair
• Bhrangraj (Eclipta alba): Promotes hair growth
How to Use These Herbs for Hair?
You can use these herbs in different forms.
• Prepare a Hair Oil
You can mix all these Ayurvedic herbs to prepare hair oil at home. Mix all these herbs together and soak them in water for 2 hours or so. Then add Til oil to it and keep boiling the mixture till water evaporates. Use this oil twice a week.
Note: Do not apply it overnight. Keep it for 1-2 hours only.
• Prepare a Hair Mask
You can even use these herbs to prepare a wonderful hair mask. Mix all these wonderful medicinal herbs at one place. Now take the required amount in a bowl and add water to it. Make a thin paste out of it and leave it for an hour. After that apply it on your roots and leave it for half an hour and then wash it off.
Note: You can also prepare this mix in curd instead of water for better conditioning.
Where to Find These Herbs?
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