RITHA / SHIKAKAI / AMVALA : A natural herbal hair wash

Owing to the damages with chemical hair shampoos, the natural, herbal and safe hair wash agents are very much in demand.

Hair and Herbal Shampoo

The natural herbal hair wash combinations have been in use since ages as a part of traditional lifestyle or as a folklore practice. The proven efficacy of these natural herbs has generated the requirement in today’s era. Ritha-Shikakai-Amvala is a perfect option to cater our demand.

It is a combination of three herbs as the name suggests.

  • Ritha (Chilka) or Soappnut: Commonly known as Soap nut. It is the peel of the fruit of Ritha which produces froth with water and is a very good washing cleansing agent. Ritha for Hair
  • Shikakai: The fruit is used to wash hair and strengthen the hair roots. It alleviates dandruff and lice problems.
  • Amvala or Indian Gooseberry: This fruit is a wonderful hair tonic and a cooling agent too. It provides hair nutrition, strengthens the hair roots and tones the hair. Amvala or Gooseberry

Benefits of Ritha-Amla-Shikakai

  • This combination is natural and safe to use.
  • It nourishes the hair apart from cleaning them.
  • It strengthens the hair roots as it has no chemicals which weaken the hair roots.
  • It fights dandruff.

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HERBS That Help Tackle ACIDITY Bouts Effectively

Frequent acidity bouts can shift your focus from life. Burning sensation in the stomach or chest, sour belching, vomiting, indigestion are commonly witnessed symptoms of hyperacidity which are becoming very common these days because of unhealthy eating habits. A long standing acidity branches out in various other health problems. Therefore, it’s important to treat it effectively. Simple herbs prove efficient in curbing the increased acid level in the gut.


Natural Herbs for Acidity

  1. Saunf: This herb is available in almost all the Indian houses. Apart from a mouth freshener, it is also a good anta-acid. Its powder can be mixed with elaichi powder and mishri powder and can be consumed frequently.
  2. Gulab: This soothing herb brings about a cooling effect on the system. It is to be used in combination with other herbs.
  3. Amvala: Amvala powder with mishri powder is an effective combination to treat acidity.  Amvala for Acidity
  4. Mulathi: A combination of mulathi powder, laung powder, saunf powder and mishri powder is an effective alternate.

Effective Diet Practices to Treat Acidity

Apart from herbs, here are few simple dietetic changes you can bring about in your day-to-day life so that you can reduce acidic bouts.

Tea: Either discontinue it or reduce the frequent consumption of tea. And always take few sips of water before consuming tea.

Milk: It’s a common practice, wherein people consume cold milk to subside the burning sensation and sour belching. Do not follow such a trend.

Curd: Avoid curd preparations if you are a constant victim to acidity.

Sweets: Prefer sweet preparations whenever you experience acidity. For instance, sugar or Indian sweets etc. are ideal to immediately relieve the symptoms. Diabetics must consult an Ayurvedic physician before including sweets in their diet.

Spices: Make sure that you curtail the quantity of spices and condiments in your regular diet.

Ghee: Include it in your diet. It’s an antidote to hyperacidity. People suffering with diabetes, high cholesterol or high blood pressure must consult their Ayurvedic physicians before consuming ghee.

So, ensure you eat right and treat right naturally. If you need any personal medical consultation then email me at vdshruti@gyanherbal.in.

Wonderful Health Benefits of SONTH or DRIED GINGER as HERB

Sonth or Dried Ginger is widely used in our kitchens. It adds flavor to our regular simple veggies. This aromatic herb can be used orally as well as for application purposes for various health benefits.

Dry Ginger

Though sonth has multiple uses in various health conditions, a few common and easy methods to use it are discussed below.

  1. Indigestion: This is used with salt to treat indigestion, flatulence, heaviness of the abdomen. It can relieve you from all these problems.
  2. Joint pain: Combine it with danamethi powder, amahaldi powder, gangri powder etc. and have it for relief from joint pains.
  3. Post delivery care: It is traditionally used in laddus. These laddus help in cleansing the system and imparting strength and stamina post pregnancy.
  4. Cough and cold: It is used with honey to treat cough and cold. Sonth for Heart
  5. Tea partner: It is commonly added in tea along with dalchini powder and jaiphal powder as chai masala. This adds a lingering flavor to the tea and moreover, keeps the gut healthy and warm during winters.
  6. Headache: Sonth powder can be prepared into paste and applied to the forehead in headache.

Gyan Herbal Home provides you sonth in ready-to-use powder form. So, now you can prepare your own combinations without any hassles. This wonderful herb keeps you healthy and fit by helping you get relief from various issues.

How to Get Glowing Skin and Health with GULAB??

Gulab or Rose petals are one of the most pleasant herbs known to the mankind. It is soothing both to the mind and the body attributing to its soul-healing aroma and therapeutic effects. This beautiful pink-colored herb is different from other herbs for its fragrance and its medicinal properties have a cumulative cooling and calming effect on the system. This herb is a luxury in summers.


This herb has a great female fan following for its cosmetic value but it can also be used internally for its other remedial values.

Here are a few easy-to-use methods:

  1. Pimples, and sun-tan: The powder of dried petals can be used with rose water and applied as a thin face pack. Chandan powder can be added along with it to enhance its effect.
  2. Blemishes: Gulab powder can be mixed with majistha powder and prepared into a paste. This face pack is effective to treat blemishes.    rose for skin
  3. Hyperacidity: For those who suffer from severe acidity, this herb comes to the rescue when mixed with saunf powder, elaichi powder and mishri Intake of 1 teaspoon before food is beneficial.
  4. Constipation: Because of its cooling effect, it relieves constipation in people suffering from hyperacidity. It can be mixed with a laxative like isabgol for results.
  5. Skin glow: This pleasant herb can be taken orally too, for a glow from within.

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