Health Benefits of BLACK PEPPER or Kalimirch

Black pepper or Kalimirch is used vastly all over the world. This commonly available spice is regularly used in Indian kitchens to add flavor and richness to delicious curries, aromatic pulaaos, steaming cup of teas and many more. This is used directly or in pounded or in powdered form, as required. It is not merely a flavorful ingredient but it also helps in easy digestion of the heavy-to-digest delicacies.

Kalimirch Black Pepper

Health Properties of Kalimirch

This spice is known to incorporate other medicinal properties too. Apart from a good digestive, it has

  • Anti-biotic properties
  • Flatulence reliever
  • Effective in pulmonary conditions

Home Remedies Using Black Pepper

The various combinations that can be prepared in your kitchen using black pepper are advocated below.

  1. Cough: Kalimirch powder with honey and ghee in unequal quantities is an effective combination for cough. Black Pepper in cough n cold
  2. Cold: In long standing condition of cold, the kalimirch powder can be taken with jaggery and curd at room temperature.
  3. Dandruff: The powder of kalimirch can be mixed with curd at room temperature and applied to the scalp to treat dandruff. This is a superb hair mask for conditioning.
  4. Toothache: Prepare decoction using black pepper and then use it to gargle. It is effective in relieving toothache.
  5. Indigestion: It can be used along with asafetida (Hing) and saindha namak. This helps in digestion and also clears the gaseous distention.

You can use this spice at your own convenience. It is an important ingredient to the Indian Garam Masala. Though, kalimirch is used for many purposes, but only a few uses pertaining to common problems are mentioned here. You can get this spice in a ready-to-use form at Gyan Herbal Home.

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Dalchini: Manage Weight with This Herb

Dalchini or Cinnamon bark is an aromatic flavorsome medicinal herb. This amazing Ayurvedic herb has been known for its cosmetic and remedial values. It not just adds a flavorsome dimension to the food but also benefits the body in a wonderful way.

Cinnamon sticks

Health Benefits of Dalchini or Cinnamon

  1. Joint Pain: It is helpful in reducing pain in the joints. It can be consumed individually or in combination with other joint pain relieving drugs like danamethi powder, amahaldi powder, ajwain powder etc.
  2. Cholesterol: It is known to reduce the cholesterol levels especially LDL, commonly known as the bad cholesterol. Thus, manages high blood pressure due to cholesterol.Cinnamon Tea
  3. Diabetes: Dalchini powder is a good choice to regulate blood sugar.
  4. Complexion Enhancer: You can prepare a natural face scrub by mixing it with lemon juice, plain yogurt and banana puree. This herbal face-pack smoothes the skin and enhances the complexion.
  5. Pimples and Blemishes: Mix Dalchini powder with honey and apply it as a mask on face. Leave it for 10-15mins and then rinse it with water for getting skin free from pimples and blemishes.
  6. Digestion: You can add it to your tea or milk for their better digestion. It is used in Indian kitchens as an important Indian spice to make food richer in taste and healthier to consume.

So avail the benefits of this drug which is available at Gyan Herbal Home in a ready-to-use processed packing in various sizes.

A word of caution: Consuming mild doses of dalchini is recommended.

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Amazing Benefits of AJWAIN

Ajwain has been an important part of the Indian kitchens since ages. Moreover, it has been abundantly used for various home remedies.

Ajwain or Carom Seeds is an uncommon spice used for flavouring food in India

This aromatic and flavorsome spice also imbibes amazing medicinal properties. This spice has been described in the classical texts for Ayurveda as:

  • Wonderful digestive
  • Appetizer
  • Flatulence reliever
  • Imparts strength

Ajwain in Combination with Other Herbs

This Ayurvedic herb is used for various purposes in combination with other drugs for extra-ordinary results. Here are some of the combinations along with astonishing results.

  1. Weight Reduction: Ajwain powder along with danamethi powder, kalijiri powder and alsi powder can be used for weight management.
  2. Indigestion and Gas: Ajwain powder along with half the quantity of saindha namak helps in relieving flatulence when consumed with lukewarm water.
  3. Post Delivery Nutrition: Traditionally, Ajwain powder is prepared into decoction and is administered to females after the delivery for better health and stamina.Ajwain Spice Decoction
  4. De-worming: Ajwain powder can be given with buttermilk for de-worming.
  5. Joint Pain: It can be used along with amahaldi powder, sonth powder and danamethi powder to relieve joint pain.
  6. Cough and Cold: It can be used with kalimirch powder and tulsi patra powder for seasonal infections.

This amazing herb is readily available at Gyan Herbal Home. So, now you can conveniently prepare a desired formulation using this herb at home and enjoy better fitness and health. For enquires on this herb, email me at


Lifestyle Tips and Herbal Combinations for Constipation

A fresh start to the morning keeps us fit, light and energetic all day. But with random, unwholesome and unhealthy eating practices, one may end up with CONSTIPATION. Since, a clear morning bowel ensures a healthy gut, it is essential to get relieved of constipation. The effective combinations to regulate bowels are given here.


Herbal Combinations to Deal with Constipation

  1. Triphala powder: This classical combination has been used since ages to deal with constipation effectively. Moreover, it has additional benefits to the system other than just being a laxative.
  2. Sanaya powder: This powder can be mixed with a larger quantity of mishri powder and a moderate quantity of mulathi powder to overcome constipation.
  3. Isabgol powder: The psyllium husk can be taken with warm milk at night time for constipation. Psyllium husks
  4. Harad (Choti) powder: This powder can be taken with lukewarm water to clear bowels.

Lifestyle Tips to Deal with Constipation

Along with the herbal medicines, ensure a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Fibrous diet

  1. Consume fibrous diet for better digestion.
  2. Avoid maida They are tough to digest.
  3. Ensure an optimum intake of water to keep your system hydrated.
  4. Avoid excessive intake of tea and zero intake of ghee.
  5. Eat meals at decent hour of the day. Avoid late night munching.
  6. Avoid sedentary lifestyle. Prefer walking a few steps after every meal to help it digest.
  7. Practice pranayama as it regulates the bowel cycle.
  8. Prefer getting up early in the morning.

Bring about these simple changes and observe the results. You will feel fresh and light every day. For more suggestions or personalized consultation, you can mail me at




Treating HYPERTENSION Was Never So Easy

High blood pressure or Hypertension is a commonly witnessed ailment. It claims no age bar. Even youngsters have fallen prey to it. This condition of increased pressure in the arterial blood is usually seen in association with other medical conditions, especially with the following issues:

  • Diabetes
  • High Cholesterol
  • Hyperacidity


People suffering with these health issues usually are prone to high blood pressure. Therefore, the treatment for Hypertension varies depending on the cause of its manifestation. Accordingly, here are some herbs which can help you treat high blood pressure are suggested.

For Hypertension associated with Diabetes

  1. Arjunchaal powder: This can be used as a tea. Take ¾ cup of water and ¼ cup of water. Boil and add one spoon of this powder. Then filter and consume. Avoid adding sugar.
  2. Tulsi patra powder: These leaves regulate the blood circulation and also help control diabetes. This herb can be added to your diabetes-controlling herbs as well.

Hypertension Herb


For Hypertension associated with High Cholesterol

  1. Arjunchaal powder: Arjunchaal powder not just acts on the heart but also controls the cholesterol. Black tea prepared from it, is very effective in cholesterol related blood pressure.
  2. Ajwain powder: This seed powder can be taken with lukewarm water. It improves digestion and lessens the toxic element in the system.
  3. Dalchini powder: This common Indian spice is taken ½ a teaspoon with warm water. Also, you can use it with other herbs like danamethi, sonth


For Hypertension associated with Acidity

  1. Elaichi powder: Hyperacidity shoots the blood pressure levels. Elaichi is a very soothing herb which controls the acid bouts thereby helping in controlling blood pressure.
  2. Amvala powder: This rejuvenation drug has been tested ages before for its efficacy in treating acidity. Therefore, one can take amvala religiously if suffers with constant hyperacidity. It can be mixed with mishri for better results. You can even buy it online.

So, understand your body requirement and supplement accordingly. Remember, it is important to stay fit healthy and happy only then you can enjoy your life to the fullest.

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FLAXSEEDS: Herb for Weight Reduction

Flaxseeds or Alsi seeds have always been an important Indian herb. These have become more popular in recent times as people have learned about the wonderfully effective health benefits. This post talks about how you can use flaxseeds in weight reduction. But before that let us read about some of the benefits of this Ayurevdic herb.

Alsi Flaxseeds

Important benefits of Alsi seeds:

  • It imparts strength to the body,
  • It is popular for its efficacy in weight management,
  • It is beneficial to the heart.

At Gyan Herbal Home, there are various options to incorporate these benefits and manage your weight effectively. Now you can include Alsi seeds or flaxseeds in your diet in more palatable or convenient form.

Alsi for Weight Loss

  1. Alsi Powder: This form of alsi seeds can be used in combination with other drugs. You can also prepare decoction from the powdered alsi. Some people mix it in wheat flour and prepare rotis with it for weight management.
  2. Alsi (Roasted): You can munch these seeds as and when you want. Roasted seeds are far better in effectiveness than regular seeds and are very easy to have.
  3. Alsi Laddu: This is a combination of unique concept and traditional delicacy. Alsi laddus are a tasty, palatable and delicious form to consume these seeds. The best time to have them is during the winter season. This is surely one of the most delicious ways to have alsi.

Add this herb to your diet for desired results and stay fit and healthy. For any queries or more inputs on using alsi seeds for weight control, mail me at


ALOE VERA: Amazing Herb For Skin and Weight Management

ALOE VERA: Amazing Herb For Skin and Weight Management

Aloe Vera is one of the most popular plants all over the world and in India. A sight of Aloe vera or Gwarpatha is refreshing and so are the benefits of this pulpous herb.

Aloe vera for skin

Health Benefits of Aloe Vera


  • It is a wonderful liver tonic
  • It is effective in diabetes
  • It strengthens the digestive system
  • It purifies blood.
  • It helps is weight management.

Aloe-Vera Herb


  • It tones the skin and nourishes it
  • It strengthens the hair roots and conditions the hair
  • It is an immediate aid to burns

You can find Aloe Vera in its most conveniently usable form at Gyan Herbal Home, which offers Gwarpatha in three basic forms. You can choose the one that suits your needs:

  1. Gwarpatha Powder:

The powder of this herb can be taken orally for the above mentioned benefits. Though its taste is not so pleasant but it offers amazing benefits. You can have it with water.


  1. Aloe vera Gel:

Aloe vera gel

The gel is to be used externally solely for skin and hair benefits. Also, this can be applied to the domestic or day-to-day burns and gives a cooling effect. You can also use it as a hair conditioner for lustrous soft hair. And you can also apply it on skin for the beautiful glow. If you have an aloe vera plan in your garden then just slice the leaf and take out the fresh gel for application.


  1. Gwarpatha Laddu:

For people having palatability issues with this drug but still want to draw its benefits, the gwarpatha laddus are an ideal option. They are delicious to taste and healthy. They can be consumed in winters and offer amazing benefits to digestive system.

So, pick the form that fits your needs the best and live healthy.

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Manage Cholesterol a Natural Way

Cholesterol is definitely good for our body. But inappropriate cholesterol levels are like a demonic invasion. It entraps us in various conditions which may require emergency attention especially for the heart.

Cholesterol Heart

Herbs can satisfactorily contribute in managing the cholesterol range. A few important and commonly used herbs to control cholesterol are discussed below.



It is a wonderful cardiac tonic. It can dissolve the cholesterol that accumulates in the coronary artery and thereby can reduce the possibility of heart attacks. You can prepare a tea from it and replace your regular tea with something healthy.



Haldi Turmeric for Heart

Studies have found a protective action of Haldi towards heart. It can help cut down on the build-up of plaque on the walls of the arteries. Adding a pinch of turmeric powder to the curries and vegetable preparations is one of the best ways to ensure you get your daily dose of this powerful herb.



Sonth for Heart

It improves blood circulation which may help avoid arterial blockages that can cause heart disease. It can be used in combination with other drugs.

Tulsi patra

This divine herb helps to control cholesterol level and also helps to reduce your blood sugar. It is preferably used in combination.

So include these herbs in your routine to get benefits from these. These natural drugs can do wonders. Buy these processed herbs from and use them on regular basis for healthier heart. For more enquires, email me your problem at


Herbs that Promise Skin Free from Acne…Acne scars…Pigmentation….Blemishes…Tan.

Oily skin plays a precursor to skin problems as it attracts dust and pollution. Also, unhealthy blood or impurities in blood lead to them. The unwholesome food practices even influence the blood quality. Therefore, they must be treated at three levels viz. locally, internally and easy to follow dos and don’ts.


concept skincare . Skin of beauty young woman with redness, skinHere are a few herbs which help you fight against different skin conditions. These simple herbs show miraculous results in short span.

  • Chandan powder

This aromatic herb not just frees you from your skin problems but also relaxes you. It de-tans, maintains the skin tone and adds lusture to it. It can be used individually by mixing it with rose water or can be combined with other herbs for face and skin.

  • Gulab powder

gulab for pimples

It not just treats acne, tan and pigmentation but also gives a refreshing experience. It can be used with rose water or plain water as the medium.

  • Manjistha powder

It is a known blood-purifier. It cleanses the blood and consequently improves the skin quality. It can be used externally with neem patra in acnes or individually for blemishes. It can be consumed internally too.

  • Neem patra powder

Neem Leaves for Acne

Neem is known for its anti-biotic and blood cleansing properties. Like Manjistha, it can be used both internally and externally.

  • Multani powder

This mud has amazing de-tan property. It can be mixed with rose water or plain water and applied to the face or skin.

  • Aloe vera Gel

It nourishes, tones the skin and lifts wrinkles. Particularly, people who have skin sensitivity to sun, application of aloe vera gel helps a lot.

  • Masoor Dal powder

It is used in the medium of milk. It can be used as face scrub to de-tan or as a replacement to soap for bathing purposes. It tones the skin on regular use.

These are simple-to-use method to revive your skin with natural herbs. Other herbs which can be used for skin and face:

  • Santra chilka powder
  • Amahaldi powder
  • Kapurkachri powder
  • Haldi powder
  • Jaiphal powder etc.

Then why use chemicals when naturally herbs can give you a glowing lustrous skin. So, replace your face wash and scrub with these natural easy-to-use readily available herbs and prepare a combination which suits your skin type.

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Over-weight has become a major concern these days. Given to the fact, our sedentary lifestyle and improper eating habits have impaired our body metabolism. This is one of the major causes which have led us here. Although, genes also contribute to increased weight. Therefore, it is necessary to look into the cause and treat for weight management.

Weight Loss
Weight Loss

Each one of us wants a fit body as it prevents us falling prey to various health conditions. Knowing the complications associated with obesity, it is definitely essential to shed down the fat.

Herbs can improve the metabolism of the body thereby helping it fight obesity. A few commonly used herbs are mentioned below.



It is known to improve digestion. It can be used individually or in combination with other herbs. Even the decoction prepared with this drug is very effective.


It works wonders in various combinations with other weight-controlling herbs.


This drug reduces cholesterol and strengthens the muscles.

Alsi seeds

Flax Seeds

The seeds of this famous drug can be chewed directly or the powder can be mixed with other weight-reducing herbs.


This powder can be prepared into decoction or can be taken in combination with ajwain, danamethi and kalijiri.

Other drugs for weight management :




And many more…..

Using these herbs along with physical stretching and complimentary dietary patterns can definitely bring down the body fat and will keep you in shape.

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