The season from September mid to November mid is SHARAD RITU. This season causes increase in Pitta (the heat element of the body). Thus, to protect the body from episodes of skin rashes, pus formation, acidity, bleeding piles etc., we must follow the required diet and routine ideal for this season.
• Food dominant with bitter, sweet and astringent flavours should be consumed.
• Rice, green gram, sugar, amvala, honey and ghee should be incorporated in the diet.
• Avoid citric and spicy and sharp food articles, curd and oily preparations.
• Consume water which is exposed to sun and moon i.e. has been exposed to the natural light for 24 hours.
• Avoid alcoholic preparations.
• Prefer sitting in the moonlight every night.
• Avoid afternoon nap and exposure to morning dew and sharp sunrays.
Follow these simple tips for this festive season to enjoy it to the most